Omicron Variant in Bangladesh

Today we will discuss Omicron Variant in Bangladesh, which is the most flashing topic during this time. A new variant of Covid-19 has been discovered in recent times called Omicron. The scientist has named this B.1.1.529.

But it is noticed that the variant has been infecting people for an extended period before its identification. This variant will change to the thought of other covid-19 variants, and the worldwide has been surprised at its sudden discovery. It is time to know more and more about this variant to prevent it. Let’s look at its origin, the present situation worldwide, and the upcoming situation in Bangladesh for this variant.

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Origin of omicron variant

The emerging place of this omicron variant is not totally clear. But on November 26, South African scientists have first identified Omicron and reported to the World Health Organization about this variant and rising infecting situation.

They said that the variant was first detected on November 9 this year from a sample taken. Not only this, it is already spread to most of the countries across the world. Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, the Nederland, Scotland and so on are included in those countries. According to a test, it is detected that the variant is far distinguished from others and infection ability is much faster.

How dangerous omicron variant

According to research, it is found that there are about 30 mutations in a single gene in Omicron, which are responsible for code for protein spike. The researcher said that the variant is much horrible for the nature of its rapid transmissible.

For that, WHO has named this variant “A Variant of Concern.” WHO also declare that the infection risks of previous Covid-19 patients are heading on the case. So, people worldwide are becoming more anxious about the rising spread of this newly discovered variant.

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The present situation of omicron variant

World Health Organization has raised a warning voice for this tremendous variant. It declared that the upcoming situation would be at high risk for its entire structure and quickly infecting capability.

As you can see above, it has already spread to many countries at a high rate. Thus, many of them have declared lockdown to increase alertness to the general mass.

Omicron variant in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Omicron is not detected yet, but the term will not end here. All of the previous variants had made horrible torment in our country, so it’s time to awakeness for this upcoming alarming variant.

Moreover, the Indian government has already listed our country at high risk. The omicron variant is far contiguous to the previous ones, so the authority should increase awareness of the people of Bangladesh. No need to be panic. The previous cautions will much effective to decrease somewhat infecting rate.


Hopefully, our today’s article is much effective to gather more knowledge about the Omicron variant.

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