covid variants in Bangladesh

Today we will try to uphold the survey about covid variants in Bangladesh that are detected during the covid pandemic. Covid-19 is a very horrendous name that is most familiar worldwide.

It shows its comprehensive gruesomeness to the world within a short period as well as Bangladesh. There has added a newer degree to the pandemic when several variants are identified of covid. Let’s have a look at the variants that have been detected in our country.

Covid Variants in Bangladesh

Since last year, Bangladesh has faced assorted variants of covid-19. Of them, 5-variants are main that had come from different countries. Another type of variant which is lambda also noted in the meanwhile. Here are some more related details.

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Indian or Delta Variant

The most typical first covid variant had come in Bangladesh. But this variant was first identified in India in December 2020 and spread to more than 90 countries worldwide. The scientific name of the Indian variant is B.1.617.2, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has named as Delta variant.

After first identified on May 7 in Bangladesh, it was thoroughly spreading all over the country, and almost 98% of covid attacked people were tremendously infected by delta variant in July of this year. The death rates were increased repeatedly at that time, which created an alarming situation. Now it is the most typical type of variant that surfaced in the UK.

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UK or Alpha Variant

Alpha, or you can say B.1.1.7 scientifically, was indifferent in the UK at first. After that, it was spread to almost 50 countries all over the world, including Bangladesh. On January 6, 2021, the UK variant was first detected by a resident of Bangladesh. From that day, it was consequently increased the infected rate and as well the death rate. A study said that it was inflated up to 53% in the positivity rate.

South African or Beta Variant

The South African variant was first identified in South Africa, and gradually it was named by Beta. But it is also commonly known as B.1.351 in the scientific method. After determining in South Africa, it started its horrible torment worldwide and spread to more than 30 countries. In Bangladesh, the Beta variant was first detected on March 16, 2020. Then the people of Bangladesh had noticed a vast changed to the spreading of other variants, and it placed on the top of all the variants that time. 

Brazilian or Gamma Variant

Brazilian is one of the dominant variants on the row of variants that causes Covid-19. The variant was the earliest identified in Brazil, and within a short time, it was spread to almost ten-plus countries. P.1 is the scientific name of this variant. Bangladesh also had to face this Gamma variant this year but was as terrible as delta or Beta. 

Nigerian or Eta Variant

The ongoing encounter with various variants had a take a turn when Bangladesh met with the Nigerian variant. It was identified in Nigeria earlier, and WHO has named it as ETA variant. This is scientifically known as B.1.525. After detecting in Bangladesh, a considerable number of people from various divisions were infected with Covid-19

Lambda Variant

Lambda is one of the highly infectious variants among all other variants. In Peru, this variant was detected in August and spread up to 30 countries across the world. It was also known as “Variant of Interest.” This variant was first identified in our country during genome sequencing time, collected from an older woman in March.

Upcoming Threat Omicron Variant in Bangladesh

A completely new variant has been identified recently, which is called Omicron. The scientist has named this variant B.1.1.529. They have said the structure of this virus is far changed genetically than the previous variants. Additionally, it has more mutates comparatively to others which spreads faster. It has been identified in South Africa but has not entered Bangladesh yet. So you can say that it is an upcoming threat for Bangladesh if we are not careful about this.


That’s all about the covid variants in Bangladesh. Thank you for staying with us.

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