From Meaning in Bengali

“From” is an English preposition used with a variety of meanings. Its primary meaning is to discuss a subject from a place or subject to a place, time, or location. The word “from” has some meaning in bengali. So, apart from learning the english meaning, you must know from meaning in bengali also.

This preposition is used in a number of prepositional meanings, such as “from”, or “to be”. However, this Bengali word does not have a single general meaning, it is used in extreme cases and is used as a characteristic interjection or part of reasoning and division.

“From” Meaning in Bengali

From = হতে; হইতে; থেকে; অবধি; তফাতে; দূরে; নিকট হইতে সরিয়া; কারণে.

The English meaning of the word “From” is used to come out of a place, place, condition, time, etc. or to come out of a place, time, condition. To translate it into Bengali, it is necessary to decide on the specific relationship since it is a strong preposition.

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The word is an essential part used in English and other languages to denote a relationship between two objects. In Bengali, “from” basically means to introduce a place, time, condition or purpose. It is used when one object or event follows or is initiated by another. A boundary or starting condition is indicated by “from”. It can be used to define time, place, condition, purpose, space etc.

Therefore, Bengali requires the use of “from” or “হইতে” to introduce a subject or to indicate a relationship between two objects. It is used in Bengali for example when explaining the meaning of “from” in a sentence.

Example sentences with “From” 

  • He called me from Kolkata.
  • I received a letter from my friend named Rakib.
  • She learned to speak English from her teacher.
  • He bought a gift for his mother from the local market.
  • They walked home from the park together.
  • She learned a lot from her mistakes.
  • The package arrived from our nearest courier service early in the morning.

Synonym For “From”

Synonyms of “from” can be used when you want to make sentence changes, translate or express ideas better. These synonyms can be helpful in determining your language usage perspective and reputation value. Using these synonyms can help you form ideas or sentences, and is generally a way of enriching the language.

Whence = (কোথা থেকে): I knew not whence the mysterious sound was coming from.

Via = (মাধ্যমে): Ruma managed to escape via the window before the guards arrived.

Through = (এর মাধ্যমে): They traveled through the mountains in search of safety from the mayhem in the city.

From the = (থেকে): From the bakery across the street came the smell of freshly baked bread.

Away from = (দূরে): You should maintain a distance away from your heaters

Coming from = (থেকে আসছে): She has a strong appreciation for expression and creativity since she comes from a family of artists.

Out from = (থেকে): The cat darted out from under the bed.

Derived from = (থেকে উদ্ভূত): The word piano is derived from the Italian term pianoforte.

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Antonym For “From”

Knowing the antonyms of the word from is necessary so that people can create the opposite situation or condition of something or perform an action. Thus, antonyms of “from” can refer to a paragraph in a report or sentence. Here are a some antonyms:

To = (প্রতি): She went to the store to buy groceries.

Within = (এর মধ্যে): The book fell within the shelf.

Inside = (ভিতরে): Rahim found his wallet inside his jacket pocket.

Toward = (দিকে): I walked toward the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Into = (মধ্যে): The dog jumped into the case and fall into sleep.

Along = (বরাবর): Let’s walk along the path through the forest.

Upon = (উপর): The vase with flowers was placed upon the table.

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