What Are You Doing Meaning in Bengali

“What Are You Doing” Meaning in Bengali: The mostly used phrase “What are you doing?” can be translated as “তুমি কী করছো?” in Bengali. In casual conversations, this expression is frequently used to find out about someone’s recent activities. It’s an easy and direct approach to interact with someone and find out about their duties or current circumstances. It’s an adaptable question that can be used in a variety of situations, just like in English, whether you’re checking in on a friend, coworker, or relative.

“What Are You Doing” Meaning in Bengali

What are you doing = কী করছেন, তুমি কি করছো, আপনি কি করছেন, তুমি কি করতেছো, তুমি করছটা কি, কী করছ, কী করেন, কী করছিস.

Asking such a sincere question in benglai can also show that you are interested in what the other person is doing. It demonstrates an interest in learning about the person’s activities and interests, which may be a sign of a deeper curiosity about their life or hobbies.

“What are you doing?” can also convey astonishment or disapproval at the person’s behavior, depending on the situation and tone. It could imply that the speaker finds the other person’s actions surprising or improper, which could spark a more in-depth discussion about decisions or actions.

Getting someone to answer this phrase can help build or preserve a connection. It creates a space for sharing and conversation, encouraging deeper connections through exchanges of ideas and understanding.

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Example Sentences with “What Are You Doing” 

You can ask friends, peers, or people your own age more casually by using a more laid-back version of the question, “What are you doing?” Here are a few example sentences mentioned below:

  • What are you doing at this moment?
  • What are you doing in your room all day?
  • It’s getting too late, what are you doing still up?
  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • What are you doing with my phone? Give me it back.

Synonym For “What Are You Doing”

“What Are You Doing” has some great synonyms that you might not know yet. Here are the synonyms:

What’s up = (কি খবর): Hey, what’s up, I met you after a long time.

What’s going on = (কি হচ্ছে): I heard some noise outside. What’s going on?

What’s happening = (কি ঘটছে): What’s happening with the project? Let me know immediately.

What are you working on = (আপনি কি কাজ করছেন): What are you working on, I don’t know anything.

What’s keeping you busy = (কি আপনাকে ব্যস্ত রাখছে): You seem focused. What’s keeping you busy?

What are you into right now = (আপনি এখন কি করছেন): What are you into right now? Are you pursuing any new interests or hobbies?

How are you spending your time = (আপনি আপনার সময় কিভাবে কাটাচ্ছেন): How are you spending your time during the holidays?

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Antonym For “What Are You Doing”

In addition to synonyms for “What Are You Doing”, there are some antonym phrases. These are mentioned below. Perhaps these will enhance your knowledge.

What would you like to do = (আপনি কি করতে চান): I don’t know what would you like to do. Please enlighten me.

What are you not doing = (আপনি কি করছেন না?): You’re always busy. What are you not doing these days?

What are you disengaged from = (আপনি কি থেকে বিচ্ছিন্ন আছেন): You’re not participating in the discussion. What are you disengaged from?

What are you indifferent to = (আপনি কি উদাসীন): Despite everything that’s going on, you don’t seem to care. What are you indifferent to actually?

What will you be doing next = (আপনি পরবর্তীতে কী করবেন): Now that your homework has been completed, what will you be doing next?

What didn’t you do = (আপনি কি করেননি): Your appointment is being missed. What didn’t you do to remember it?

What aren’t you doing = (আপনি কি করছেন না): What aren’t you doing right now? As far as I know, you’re supposed to be studying.

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