As Your Wish Meaning in Bengali

People use the phrase “As your wish” frequently. It is a formal way of expressing agreement to something, usually with the implication that one is not truly in agreement. To put it in more detail, we can say that even if you disagree, someone is free to do or have anything they want. But the Bengali meanings of this phrase can also be better, if you know about them. In this article, you will know about as your wish meaning in bengali.

The expression “As your Wish” in both situations refers to allowing the other person to do as they please without raising any issues.

As Your Wish Meaning in Bengali

As your wish = ইচ্ছা, আপনি চান হিসাবে, ইচ্ছা মত, তোমার মর্জি, আপনার ইচ্ছামত, আপনি ইচ্ছুক, আপনার যা ইচ্ছে, আপনি যেমন চান

“As Your Wish” can be rendered as “তোমার ইচ্ছা মত” in Bengali. It denotes acceptance or adherence to the wish or preference of another person. This expression conveys a willingness to behave in a way that satisfies the needs or desires of another individual. It’s frequently employed to convey agreement, submission, or respect for the choice or decision of another person.

“As you wish” in bengali is a common way to express agreement, compliance, or readiness to carry out another person’s wishes or requests. It’s a courteous and considerate method of respecting someone else’s choices or preferences.

Even though saying “as your wish” is probably a misinterpretation or a variation on the original meaning, it can nonetheless imply submission or deference to the wishes or choices of another person. It’s a method of saying that you’re prepared to give in to what the other person requests. However, in contrast to the more common “As you wish,” “As your wish” might sound a little awkward or uncommon.

Example sentences with “As Your Wish”

  • As your wish, I’ll arrange the meeting room.
  • You can also go to the party with me, as your wish.
  • He will book the flights for your preferred dates and times as your wish.
  • As your wish, you have to decide.

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Synonym For As Your Wish 

As Your Wish has several notable synonyms that better express its meaning. These are below:

All you want = যা তুমি চাও: You can get back all you want.

As you see fit = (যেমন আপনি উপযুক্ত দেখেন): Feel free to make any adjustments to the plan as you see fit.

As per your wishes = (আপনার ইচ্ছা অনুযায়ী):  They will proceed with the renovation as per your wishes.

As you like = (আপনি যেমন পছন্দ করেন): I will arrange many things in your birthday party as you like.

To your liking = (আপনার পছন্দ অনুসারে): I must ensure the design of the brochure is to your liking before finalizing it.

Per your request = (আপনার অনুরোধ অনুযায়ী): I’ve set the conference for tomorrow afternoon per your request.

As you command = (আপনি যেমন নির্দেশ দেবেন): Don’t worry, I must oversee the implementation of the new policy as you command.

In deference to your wishes = (আপনার ইচ্ছার প্রতি শ্রদ্ধা রেখে): I’ll definitely make the necessary revisions to the proposal in deference to your wishes.

As you choose = (যেমন আপনি চয়ন করেন): There are lots of dresses. So choose as you choose.

Antonym For As Your Wish

In addition to synonyms, the phrase As Your Wish has several antonyms. Knowing about them will undoubtedly increase your knowledge.

Contrary to your desire = (আপনার ইচ্ছার বিপরীত): I cannot accommodate that request contrary to your desire.

Despite your preference = (আপনার পছন্দ থাকা সত্ত্বেও): I am forced to decline your offer despite your preference.

In contrast to your wishes = (আপনার ইচ্ছার বিপরীতে): I must prioritize other tasks in contrast to your wishes.

Against your wishes = (আপনার ইচ্ছার বিরুদ্ধে): I must go against your wishes because I will not condone anything illegal.

Against your preference = (আপনার পছন্দের বিপরীতে): I suggest we prioritize safety over speed against your preference.

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