Pass Out Meaning in Bengali

The words “pass out” or “loss of consciousness” refer to a variety of situations, including fainting from weakness, experiencing physical or mental distress as a result of a reduction in blood flow to the brain, or giving birth to multiple individuals.

You can find the meaning of “pass out” in Bengali, along with its definition, translation, and interpretation. Besides, you can find and distribute synonyms and similar terms. Study and practice pronouncing “pass out.” Keep reading this article to know about the Bengali definition of “pass out”.

Pass Out Meaning in Bengali

Pass Out = কিছুক্ষণের জন্য অজ্ঞান বা অচেতন হয়ে যাওয়া, উদাহরণস্বরূপ অসুস্থ, বণ্টন করিয়া দেত্তয়া; মারা যাত্তয়া; আহত অথবা মাতাল অবস্থা

When translating “pass out” into Bengali, one can say “বিদায় করা” for finishing a course or program, and “অবস্থা হারানো” for fainting or losing consciousness. To guarantee an accurate translation, it is necessary to take into account the context in which the term is being used.

It describes a momentary state of unconsciousness that is frequently brought on by a sharp drop in blood pressure, fatigue, shock, or other medical conditions. When someone passes out, they are rendered unconscious for a while, unable to respond or recognize their surroundings.

Depending on the cause and severity, passing out can be a serious medical condition that needs to be treated right away. It’s critical to evaluate the person’s health and, if required, offer the proper medical care.

The exact Bengali translation of “pass out” may change depending on the context in which you came across it. Comprehending the context is imperative in order to deliver a precise translation.

“Pass Out” Meaning in Sentences:

  1. She was lightheaded and faint, thinking she might pass out from fatigue.
  2. The lecture was so dull that I passed out in my seat.
  3. The heat causes several spectators to pass out during the outdoor event.
  4. The strong odor in the room will surely make me pass out.

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Synonyms For Pass out

A number of synonyms for the term “pass out” have been identified; these are listed below in list form along with the synonyms’ meanings and sentences in Bengali.

Black out = (নিষ্প্রদীপ করা): The patient blacked out after receiving the shocking news of her diagnosis.

Collapse = (অবসাদ, ক্রিয়াশক্তিলোপ): The marathon runner collapsed from exhaustion after crossing the finish line.

Drop = (ফোঁটা, যাবনিকা): The soldier dropped from heat exhaustion during the  grueling training exercise.

Faint = (দুর্বল / ক্ষীণ): She felt dizzy and suddenly fainted during the intense heat.

Lose consciousness = (চেতনা হারান): He lost consciousness after the impact of the car accident.

swoon  = (মুর্ছিত হওয়া): The bride-to-be swooned with joy when her partner proposed to her.

Flake Out = (হঠাৎ ঘুমাতে যাওয়া): After a long day of work, John decided to flake out on the couch and watch some TV until he fell asleep.

Conk out = (বিকল হওয়া): The car finally conked out on the deserted highway after hours of nonstop driving

Keel over  = (ভাষা পরিবর্তন): The old man keeled over while gardening due to a sudden heart attack.

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Antonyms For Pass out

Several antonyms of pass out have been found which are listed below along with the Bengali meaning and sentence of the antonyms.

Gain consciousness = (চেতনা অর্জন করা): She gradually gained consciousness after fainting.

Stay awake =  (জেগে থাকা): He struggled to stay awake during the long lecture.

Remain conscious = (সচেতন থাকা): Despite the shock, she managed to remain conscious.

Stay alert = (হুশিয়ার/সজাগ থাকা): The security guard needed to stay alert throughout the night shift.

Stay lucid = (স্পষ্ট থাকা): Arif made sure to stay lucid despite the exhausting day.

Stay aware = (চেতনা থাকা/অবগত থাকা): It’s important to stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

Stay responsive = (প্রতিক্রিয়াশীল থাকা): Maria stayed responsive during the emergency situation.

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