ICU Full Meaning In Bengali

Intensive care unit (ICU) refers to a place where specialized treatment is given to patients who are acutely ill and require special attention and support. It provides critical care and life support to critically ill and injured patients. If you want to know Intensive Care Unit Meaning In Bengali then it can be intensive care unit or an intensive care unit.

It is a special room in the hospital, where critical patients receive intensive treatment and continuous monitoring. If a patient’s condition worsens, he or she is quickly transferred to the ICU. Nowadays almost every hospital has ICU facility.

“Intensive Care Unit” Meaning In Bengali

Intensive Care Unit = ইনটেনসিভ কেয়ার ইউনিট, একটি নিবিড় পরিচর্যা ইউনিট, ইনটেনসিভ কেয়ার ইউনিট

In Bengali medical contexts, “আইসিইউ” is commonly used and understood to refer to the specialized unit in hospitals where patients with severe illnesses or injuries receive intensive medical care and monitoring.

The term “Intensive Care Unit” (ICU) describes a specific hospital department that offers patients who are critically ill or unstable intensive treatment and monitoring. Because of the severity of their conditions, patients in the intensive care unit usually need close observation and specialized care.

Advanced medical equipment and highly skilled healthcare personnel, such as physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists, staff the intensive care unit.

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Example sentences with “Intensive Care Unit”

  • People in coma need treatment in Intensive Care Unit.
  • A patient needs treatment in the Intensive Care Unit after a major operation.
  • There is a special Intensive Care Unit for newborn or critically ill babies.
  • When a patient is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, doctors and nurses perform various tests to assess the patient’s condition.
  • The family anxiously waited outside the Intensive Care Unit.

Synonym For “Intensive Care Unit”

ICU or ইনটেনসিভ কেয়ার ইউনিট offers all kinds of advanced equipments are available for treatment and everything is very close at hand. In some cases, situations arise where the patient cannot be saved, and the patient is admitted to the ICU as a last resort. There are several terms synonymous with ICU that can make getting treatment easier if you know them. These are mentioned below:

Critical Care Unit = (ক্রিটিক্যাল কেয়ার ইউনিট): After experiencing a severe cardiac event, the patient was admitted to the Critical Care Unit.

Critical room = (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ রুম): The patient was quickly transferred to the critical room due to the severity of his condition.

Emergency unit = (জরুরী ইউনিট): The Emergency Unit attended to the accident victims with promptness.

Intensive treatment unit = (নিবিড় চিকিত্সা ইউনিট): The patient underwent closer monitoring when they were moved to the intensive treatment unit.

Critical care facility = (ক্রিটিক্যাল কেয়ার সুবিধা): Patients with injuries or acute illnesses can receive special medical care at the critical care facility.

Intensive Therapy Unit = (নিবিড় থেরাপি ইউনিট): The hospital’s Intensive Therapy Unit provides advanced care for patients with life-threatening conditions.

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Antonym For “Intensive Care Unit” 

You will also find several antonyms for Intensive Care Unit or ICU that represent other services in contrast to it. Below are mentioned some antonyms with sentences:

General Ward = (সাধারণ ওয়ার্ড): In order to continue recovering, the patient was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward.

Observation Unit = (পর্যবেক্ষণ ইউনিট): As the patients have less critical conditions, they may be placed in the observation unit.

Home Care = (বাড়ির যত্ন): The patient needs only home care now that he has overcome the critical condition.

Step-down Unit = (স্টেপ-ডাউন ইউনিট): Patients who show signs of improvement might be moved to the step-down unit for more observation before being released.

Outpatient Clinic = (বহিরাগত রোগী ক্লিনিক): Some patients are treated in the outpatient clinic as opposed to being admitted to the intensive care unit.

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