MRP Passport Check Online

The process for MRP passport checks online is very simple and easy. One can easily check their MRP Passport status online. With the new digitalization of every sector in Bangladesh, everything is possible with just a click. Therefore, if you are looking for the process of MRP passport check online, then you have come to the right place. This article will include every important detail about the MRP passport very briefly for your better understanding.

What is MRP Passport?

MRP Passport, which is Machine Readable Passport, is issued recently by the government of Bangladesh. MRP passport is issued for the citizen with the purpose of international travel. MRP passport is a Bangladeshi travel document issued by the government. This passport is a very important document for those who are willing to travel internationally.

Most importantly, MRP Passport must be in the bearer’s possession or in the possession of a person who has been lawfully authorized by the bearer. If your passport is lost or stolen, you must notify the nearest Bangladesh Mission as well as the local police authorities right away.

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One can apply for the MRP passport online and they can do MRP passport check online as well. The MRP passport is machine-readable and it is different from the handwritten passport issued by the government of Bangladesh.

What is the difference Between MRP Passport and E-Passport?

MRP passport is a government-issued travel document for citizens with the purpose of travelling internationally. The government of Bangladesh is also trying to introduce their citizen with E-passport as well. Both of the passports are different from the handwritten passports.

Both the e-passport and the MRP passport have a similar application process. As a result, people are frequently perplexed by both of them. Despite the fact that both passports are unique and have different values, many people believe they are the same. However, this is incorrect.

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The main difference between an MRP Passport and an e-Passport is that an MRP passport can be read both manually as well as with the use of a machine but the e-passport can be read only through a chip reader at a closer distance.

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Without the chip reader, no one can verify the e-passport because an e-passport contains an implanted IC chip that stores the bearer’s photograph and personal information in line with ICAO criteria, which is only readable through the machine. On the other hand, an MRP passport is a passport with a machine-readable zone (MRZ) printed according to ICAO standards.

Bangladesh Passport Check

MRP passport is a government-issued passport for citizens who are willing to travel outside the country. Many people are eager to apply for an MRP passport. Also, those who have already have applied for the MRP passports are interested to know about their status and how long the procedure will take to be completed. The whole process of finalizing the MRP Passport takes almost 30 days.

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After completing the enrollment process the applicant will get an enrollment ID. Using that enrollment ID one can easily check their passport status online through their official website ( Applicants who received an enrolment ID from the High Commission can access the website to check the status of their MRP applications. Alternatively, you can contact the High Commission by phone during business hours.

Final Words

After reading this article, we hope you will be able to simply do your MRP passport check online. It is a relatively straightforward technique. Moreover, this article also has all of the key links, so you won’t run into any more issues. Furthermore, hopefully, this writing should have helped you grasp all of the issues related to the MRP passport check online.

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