All types of legal online certificate application you can make only through Prottoyon Gov BD website. And for this you need to create an account on the website and pay a small fee. Then you can collect any type of certificate or citizenship certificate. This web portal is designed to provide all types of certificate related services to the public. It is launched as part of Bangladesh Government Portal with the aim of providing government services.

This is one of the e-governance projects that aims to create a single web portal with all of the government’s websites and information on it. As a part of the web portal of the Bangladesh government, the web portal of the online councilor certificate has been redesigned.

What is Citizenship Certificate?

Citizenship certificate is now a certificate through which you can easily prove any of your work. It will be provided to you from the official website based on all the documents submitted. The attestation is usually collected from the Councillor’s office. But now you can take any certificate online.

Birth Certificate Correction Online (জন্ম নিবন্ধন সংশোধন)

Councilors are often unable to sit in the office due to work pressure or various needs. As a result, the aspirants suffer. But today’s info will save you the hassle of getting certified. It means any certification now you can get from home and no need to go to councilor office for that.

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How do Online Certificate Application Through Prottoyon Gov BD?

Create a free account at and make the account to apply for certificate online. Then select the certificate you want to apply for, upload the documents and submit the fee, you will receive the selected citizen certificate within a few days. However, follow the steps below:

  • First, create a free account on the above website. For this we may require NID CARD or birth registration.
  • Next you need to complete your profile. If you do not complete your profile, you will not be able to use the Services here.
  • Currently, there are 35 services on this website, you can get any kind of service from here.
  • After that, if you want to receive any service, you can receive it very easily.
  • When your profile is complete, it can be easily accepted and in many cases no documents need to be uploaded to obtain the certificate or certificate.

Prottoyon Gov Bd Registration Process

Eligibility criteria for registration on Prottoyon gov bd require applicants to be Bangladeshi citizens with a valid National ID (NID). Prospective registrants should also possess an active mobile number and an email address to complete the sign-up process. It is vital for individuals to ensure they fulfill the age criteria set by the authority.

If you want NID Card Check Online Bangladesh (ভোটার আইডি / জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্র অনুসন্ধান)

For new users aiming to register on Prottoyon gov bd, the process is straightforward. Begin by visiting the official Prottoyon gov bd website and locate the registration section. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and enter your NID number. The site will instruct you to validate your identity with an OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your mobile phone. Once verified, complete your profile by providing necessary details such as name, date of birth, and contact information. Review all information for accuracy before submitting the form to ensure a successful registration.

Essential Documents For Prottoyon Access

To gain access to the Prottoyon government services, users must gather a series of essential documents. The foremost document is the national ID card, which serves as a primary verification tool. Alongside, ensure that your passport-sized photograph is recent and in digital form. Employment records, if applicable, should be current and official. Academic certificates, for registrants involved in academia, must be certified and scanned.

While uploading documents, maintain a resolution that ensures readability without compromising on image quality. Documents should be in accepted formats such as PDF or JPEG to ensure compatibility. Remember, maintaining the integrity of personal information during digitization is critical; therefore, use secure platforms for the upload process.

prottoyon gov bd login

Prottoyon Gov BD serves as a pivotal platform for Bangladeshi citizens, offering a vast array of public services and facilities. Centralized access to governmental resources and information streamlines processes for individuals and businesses alike. Utilizing the Prottoyon portal, users can efficiently interact with various government departments, facilitating a more transparent and responsive administration.

The services available through Prottoyon cover a broad spectrum, ranging from personal document applications to business-related queries. Citizens can avail themselves of services such as passport and national ID registration, tax submissions, and utility bill payments, to name a few. For entrepreneurs, the platform simplifies interactions with trade licensing, VAT registration, and more, thus becoming an integral tool in fostering a conducive business environment.

  1. at first go to Prottoyon Gov BD official website
  2. Then Click Login Button from Right side
  3. after that provide mobile number/ email/NID/ Birth Cirtificate as user name
  4. then write down your password
  5. finally click Login.

If you want National ID Card Information Correction in Online

Online Certificate Application Fee (Prottoyon Gov BD)

As part of the government’s larger initiatives to digitize crucial public services and promote a more open and accessible governance system, the Councilor/Chairman Office National Identity Information Correction Certificate online application service has been launched.

Through the use of technology, the government hopes to improve citizen satisfaction and engagement while providing a smooth experience for anyone in need of certificate services.

Online Certificates list BD

If you want to withdraw any certificate or citizenship certificate, here you have to deposit a fee. But without this you cannot withdraw any certificate from here. Of course you have to pay a fee to withdraw any type of certificate.

You have to deposit the fee before withdrawing. You can pay it online using any mode. You can pay fees using all types of mobile banking including Bikash, Cash, Way.

Generally, the fee may be 21 to 22 taka, but it may change in different cases. However, all types of fees between Tk 20 to Tk 30 have been fixed here. Fees may vary for each certificate or certificate.

FAQs about Prottoyon Gov Bd

Navigating the prottoyon. gov. bd portal effectively streamlines access to vital services. By mastering the login process, users unlock a gateway to resources that bolster citizen welfare.

How Do I Login To Prottoyon Gov Bd?

To log in to Prottoyon Gov Bd, visit their official website and enter your credentials in the login section.

Can’t Access Prottoyon Gov Bd Account?

Ensure your login details are correct and reset your password if necessary. Contact support if issues persist.

Is Prottoyon Gov Bd Login Secure?

Prottoyon Gov Bd uses standard security measures to safeguard user information and ensure secure login practices.

What Services Does Prottoyon Gov Bd Offer?

Prottoyon Gov Bd provides various public services, including social security, welfare programs, and citizen support initiatives.

Your digital journey in Bangladesh’s public domain becomes seamless with these insights. Stay updated and empowered by logging in smartly.


When you go for important work or generally speaking if you apply for any job whether it is government or private in this case of course they may ask you for a certificate or several citizenships. But this time you will need these documents a lot. When you are going to do any job you must know about that job first. And also try to know what papers or documents you may need to do the work.

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