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Paragraph Nakshi Kantha

Nakshi Kantha is a traditional staple of our culture. It’s a kind of quilt with embroidery. The name ‘Nakshi Kantha’ was taken from the term ‘naksha’fromBengali language, which translates to‘artistic pattern’. The exact origin of the word Kantha is not well known, but it probably had a counterpart in the word ‘kheta’which in the Bengali language means‘field’.

According to the linguist Niaz Zaman, the word Kantha originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Kantha’, which means rags, because Kantha was made of rags. The first known mention of Bengal Kantha is found in the book Sri Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita by Krishnadas Kaviraj, written about five hundred years ago.

The term nakshi Kantha, however actually became popular after the poet Jasim Uddin’s poem ‘Nakshi Kanthar Maath’ was published in 1929. The traditional craft is renowned for its embroidery. It is primarily made of colorful threads and fabric, along with various patterns and designs.

The early kanthas had a white background accented by red, blue, and black embroidery; later yellow, green, pink, and other colors were also included. The “Kantha Stitch,” the key stitch being used for this function is the running stitch. Like every other folk art, Kantha making is influenced by factors such as available materials, daily needs, climate, geography, and economic factors.

Possibly the first form of Kantha was a patchwork Kantha, and the modern Kantha of the decorative appliqué type developed from this. It’s brought about a groundbreaking shift in our fashion test in Bengali. Not only is it popular in Bangladesh, but also in India, it is indigenous to West Bengal. Nakshi Kantha has been prepared for centuries by rural women.

It was made for their family use in the beginning, but now the scenery is totally different since it is now not only created for family use, but also for commercial purposes. Since it is primarily made by women, nakshi Kantha is also a way for rural women to make money and become empowered while supporting their families.

Traditionally, the women gather around together and talk to each other to pass the time while they work on the beautiful motifs. They most often depict their daily lives in the stitches including the joys and sorrows of it. Domestic animals and plants are also popularly depicted in colorful designs.

Nakshi Kantha, everyone assumes, only enhances the beauty of the house. But it also has a deep connection with our life and culture. When one sees a nakshi Kantha they can identify it as a staple of our culture immediately. Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Bogra, and Jessore are the most popular craft centers for Nakshi Kantha in Bangladesh.

They can be found in many expensive art shops in towns. It’s even available in designer stores. The quilts are always in high demand due to their colorful designs and patterns. They are also very popular among the tourists who want to take home a token from their visit to Bangladesh.

We can say without a doubt that “Nakshi Kantha” is a sign of Bengali culture and tradition. One cannot imagine Bengali culture without the colorful threads of the gorgeous nakshi Kantha. It embodies the beauty of Bangladesh. Nakshi Kantha is undoubtedly threaded deeply into our daily lives.

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Nakshi Kantha is a kind of embroidered quilt. ‘The name was taken from the Bengali word, ‘naksha’ which means artistic pattern. It is a kind of traditional craft and is said to be indigenous to Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. The art has been practised in rural Bengal for centuries, The name “Nakshi Kantha” became popular after poet Jasimuddin’s poem “Nakshi Kanthar Math” was published in 1929.

It has a far-reaching effect on the field of Bangladeshi culture and tradition. Traditional Kanthas are made for family use. Old or new cloth and thread are used to make these quilts. Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Rajshahi, Faridpur, Bogura and Jashore are most famous for this craft. Now it is produced commercially and we can find them in many expensive handicraft shops in cities. The quilts are now in great demand because of the colourful patterns and designs embroidered on them. Finally, we can say that “Nakshi Kantha” signifies a token of Bengali culture and tradition.

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