Load Shedding paragraph

Load shedding is a common term for a paragraph. In most of the exams, this topic appears for writing a paragraph. Students can’t write a paragraph on this topic because of the lack of ideas and thoughts. They can’t write a paragraph in the exam properly. As a result, they can’t get a good marks. In this article, we have written the best paragraph on load shedding. It’s written by expert teachers. If you want to write it properly in the exam, memorize the paragraph fully.

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Load shedding paragraph for HSC

Load shedding is one of the common incidents in our life. We almost every day experience load shedding. When the power supply can not meet the demand, it leads to load shedding. It causes a crisis in the electricity supply. The unplanned distribution of electricity is the main cause of load shedding. The reason can be the illegal connection and shortage of the production of electricity. People suffer a lot because of load shedding. They can’t work properly. Students can’t study properly. It creates a hazardous situation for the general public. It affects especially in the industrial sector. Excessive load shedding results in a huge loss for the economy of our country. Productions and industrial operations are stopped during the load shedding time. When there is load shedding, the cinema halls, shopping malls, and factories are closed. Because they can not run their operations properly. Most of the time students can’t study properly. They suffer a lot. They can’t prepare themselves for the examination in the right way. People of our country are facing this problem for a long time. Even there is no solution for it. The government has to take action to stop this. If the government does not take action, the situation will go a long. The authority has to distribute the supply of electricity equally. Besides, a lot of sectors steal electricity. This stealing must be stopped. It can cause a huge loss for the country. But people have to be conscious about the supply of electricity. They have to focus on making the proper use of electricity. The system needs to be disciplined. The undisciplined system is causing a lot of harm for the people of the country. It leads to suffering for them. The government has to make a rule that people should use the electricity without creating any kind of loss.

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Load shedding paragraph for SSC exam

Load shedding is caused by the lack of supply of electricity. When the power supply is not enough, it causes load shedding. It hampers the normal citizen’s life. Most of the big cities are facing the problems of load shedding. Sometimes the demand for electricity is greater but the authority can’t supply according to ot the demand. Then load shedding occurs. It creates a bad effect on our daily life. People of every class suffer a lot from load shedding. The production of the factories and mills is hampered. Every kind of operation stopped because of load shedding. The situation is getting worse day by day. People can’t find a solution to stop load shedding. The government has to implement more plans to stop load shedding. When the supply of power and electricity is not adequate, it results in load shedding. Besides the unplanned distribution is also responsible for this. It hampers the social and economic development of our country. Factories can’t continue their operations. Students can’t study properly. Medical works are hampered totally. A huge number of people suffer. The situation has become uncontrollable. The government can’t control the situation. We need more electricity plants to stop this situation. But there is a high demand for electricity. A proper plan is needed to stop this situation. A proper plan can create a proper distribution of the electricity. The government should take action to stop load shedding. We have to stop misusing electricity. It will decrease the problem in so many ways.

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Paragraph on Load Shedding বাংলা অর্থসহ

Load shedding means the discontinuity of supply of electricity for short or long time. Nowadays it has become a part of our daily life. There are many reasons for load shedding. The insufficient production of electricity is the main reason of it. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the other reasons of it. It occurs mostly at night because the demand of electricity is more than in the daytime. The bad effects of load shedding are beyond description. It creates problem in the socio-economic development of the country. Mills and factories, shops, hospitals etc. become paralyzed due to load shedding. The sufferings of the students know no bounds. They sit in the darkness closing their books during the load shedding. They suffer a lot of if it occurs in the time of their examination. The patients also suffer terribly because operation stops in hospitals for load shedding. Load shedding at night also encourages the thieves. However, this problem should be solved at any cost. The concerned authority must take necessary steps to stop it. More power stations should be established. Illegal connection and system loss should also be stopped. After all, there is no alternative to be conscious about the misuse of electricity.

লোড শেডিং (বিদ্যুৎ বিভ্রাট) মানে স্বল্প বা দীর্ঘ সময়ের জন্য বিদ্যুত সরবরাহ বন্ধ হয়ে যাওয়া। আজকাল এটি আমাদের দৈনন্দিন জীবনের একটি অঙ্গ হয়ে দাঁড়িয়েছে। লোডশেডিংয়ের অনেক কারণ রয়েছে। বিদ্যুতের অপর্যাপ্ত উত্পাদন এটির মূল কারণ। বিদ্যুতের অপব্যবহার এবং অবৈধ সংযোগ এটির অন্যান্য কারণ। এটি বেশিরভাগ রাতেই ঘটে কারণ দিনের তুলনায় বিদ্যুতের চাহিদা বেশি। লোডশেডিংয়ের খারাপ প্রভাব বর্ণনার বাইরে। এটি দেশের আর্থ-সামাজিক উন্নয়নে সমস্যা সৃষ্টি করে। মিল ও কল-কারখানা, দোকান, হাসপাতাল ইত্যাদি লোডশেডিংয়ের কারণে পক্ষাঘাতগ্রস্থ হয়ে পড়েছে। শিক্ষার্থীদের ভোগান্তির কোনও সীমা নেই। তারা লোডশেডিংয়ের সময় বইগুলি বন্ধ করে অন্ধকারে বসে থাকে। এটি যদি তাদের পরীক্ষার সময় ঘটে তবে তারা প্রচুর ভোগে। লোডশেডিংয়ের জন্য হাসপাতালে অপারেশন বন্ধ থাকায় রোগীরা ভয়াবহভাবে ক্ষতিগ্রস্থও হন। রাতে লোডশেডিং চোরদের উত্সাহ দেয়। তবে যে কোনও মূল্যে এই সমস্যাটি সমাধান করা উচিত। এটি বন্ধে সংশ্লিষ্ট কর্তৃপক্ষকে অবশ্যই প্রয়োজনীয় পদক্ষেপ নিতে হবে। আরও বিদ্যুৎ কেন্দ্র স্থাপন করা উচিত। অবৈধ সংযোগ এবং সিস্টেমের ক্ষতিও বন্ধ করা উচিত। সর্বোপরি বিদ্যুতের অপব্যবহার সম্পর্কে সচেতন হওয়ার বিকল্প নেই।

Load Shedding Paragraph In 100 Words

Load-shedding is a common affair in our modern life. It means the discontinuation of electricity. It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. Thus when demand is greater but supply is less, it causes disruption of electric supply. Such a situation badly affects our life. Most electronic machines are run by electricity. So mills, factories, shops, hospitals, educational institutions cannot run without the supply of electricity. Thus, load-shedding affects our economic growth and our day to day life. In order to solve the problem, there is no alternative to the generation of power more and more. Govt. must take proper strategy to prevent load shedding or at least keep it at a tolerable level.

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