Early Marriage Paragraph

Paragraph topic like early marriage is one of the common topics for exams. This topic comes in the exams for almost several years. Early marriage is also called child marriage. We have covered the paragraph by some of the expert teachers in the country.

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  • What is early marriage?
  • What are the reasons for early marriage?
  • How does it affect a boy or a girl?
  • How can we stop this social problem?

Early marriage paragraph for SSC student

The marriage of a girl or boy at the age of before 18 is known as early marriage. Because of the lack of education, people get married at an early age. They follow traditional views and rules. Besides girls get marriage early for insecurity. Sometimes parents take dowry from the house of the bride of their son. In our country, parents of girls are not interested to educate them well. They think that marriage can make their life easier. They don’t need to study more. But actually, early marriage creates violence and abusive risks. Girls who are facing early marriage suffer for a long time. Especially in the village, people have to suffer a lot. They get married at an early age. But it becomes hard for them to maintain everything including the new family. People have a firm belief that girls should be married earlier. They should stay inside of homes. The illiterate girls and village girls are the victims of early marriage. There are some specific causes of early marriage like poverty and inequality of gender. Girls who are raised in an unwelcoming environment face this problem. Parents concentrate on the girls like they are a burden. That’s why they take steps. But it creates a lot of problems in the country. A girl can’t adapt to the environment of her husband at his home. She can suffer from different diseases. Girls face physical abuse and insult. But laws should be strict to stop early marriage. Law enforcement can stop this problem in some cases. But it’s not possible to stop this problem in a day. At first, people need to believe in the consequences of early marriage. We should understand the negative consequences of early marriage. The govt has to come forward regarding this fact. Awareness should be raised socially.

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Early Marriage Paragraph for HSC student

Early marriage is seen nowadays in every different Laplace in the country. It’s one of the major issues that hamper the development of our country now. Early marriage means getting married before the perfect age of marriage. In every village, we can see early marriage. The people of the villages are illiterate. In the village, people think that their daughters should be married at an early age. They think that girls are like burdens. But after marriage, a girls face a lot of problems. Girls can’t survive well sometimes. They can’t contribute to the financial support of a family. But if a girl is educated, she will not suffer like a burden. The problem will be increased as it has become a tradition of the country for a long time. Girls are thought of as the property of others. Poor people practice dowry, loans and early marriage more. But the effects of early marriage can be long-term. A girl has to suffer for a long time. She has to take the responsibility for the family. They have to look after the whole family. But it’s not so easy to look after the entire family. They become a victim. They have to take the responsibility for the family and children. They are at risk of health disorders. But parents should empower their daughters. They should complete their education. They have to lead independent life. Gender discrimination can arise this problem more. Parents should give equal value to their daughters. Social pressure can decrease the problem. Laws should be introduced to stop this problem. Campaigns can stop increasing this problem. People should understand the harmful effects before. This problem needs to be solved at an early age of a girl. It can end poverty and inequality.

Paragraph on early marriage 100 Word

Early marriage is a social disease of our country. It is spread in various parts of our society. Early marriage means the marriage of a boy and a girl before reaching puberty. In villages and urban slums, girls from extremely poor families are married off before the age of 15. All these families. Parents are unable to afford the food and education of their daughters. Moreover, in the current socio-economic context, parents are worried about the marriage of their daughters.

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