Childhood Memories Paragraph

Ever surf through your conscience to find out what your earliest memory is? Do you remember the times you laughed your heart out while playing with your friends in a green wet field, or the feeling of your mother’s love while she embraces you dearly? In this childhood memories paragraph, let’s remember some of our childhood days and memories.

No matter what you recall, it always turns out to be something you never forget! And needless to say, experiences and memories from childhood have lasting impacts, and to many people, it turns out to be the sweetest memories of their lives.

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Childhood Memories Paragraph

Some of us recall our memories to a very early stage of adolescence, but many of us remember our first memories of when we were more than five years old or so. Our early childhood memories almost always include playing with siblings, eating, wandering around to find interesting things. It goes without saying that children are curious about everything!

And they do question anything they find to be worth his curiosity. Aside from that, being with our family, visiting a nearby park or going out on a trip, playing with other kids, going to school, learning how to write and how to spell the tough words, all of these create some everlasting memories. All the sayings of our parents and loved ones, the words we need to know.

A family with good morale teaches their children the proper things in proper time. Even after we get old, some of our instincts always come from something we remember from our childhood, or a wise word said by my parents or grandparents. Then comes the stage of schooling, most of us remember the days we spent to write basic alphabets on our papers over and over again, counting the numbers and they go up.

Going to our first school, sitting with our schoolmates is one of our first moments of being attached to the total guidance of parents. Bonding with our friends, playing and studying together create long-lasting memories of learning. We learn teamwork, and we experience what it’s like to think freely and how to influence others. The emotional independence creates memories worthwhile.

We remember the good, the bad, and the worse too. Any bad incidents like the death of the family members, bad words from peers or experiencing family collisions leave permanent scars in us. Bad incidents of childhood stay within a person as a source of trauma and fear. All of us at some point relate any bad incidents with the things we faced in our adolescence.

But then again, between the stages of growing up and getting more responsibilities, we almost always look back to our sweet childhood. Memories made with school friends seem to be much more original and better than the friends we make in our teenage years.

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories Paragraph for JSC / PSC

The age between five to fifteen can be termed (called) childhood. This period is the most enjoyable and interesting in our life. Every person some memorable memories in his childhood. I have also some memorable memories in my life. My childhood was very interesting and enjoyable. I passed my childhood in my native village lying on the river Meghna. My grandfather loved me very dearly. He would bring nice toys and dolls for me. He used to tell interesting stories which made me very happy. My father would buy nice dress for me. My first day at school is one of the most memorable happenings of my childhood. My parents were very careful of my studies. One day my father took me to our village primary school. At first I was very afraid of my school. But very soon I could easily adjust with my loving teachers and dear classmates.

My teachers were very friendly, affectionate and kind. My classmates were playful and co-operative. They never quarreled with me. We used to play Gollachut, Kanamachhi Bho Bho and cock fight. I was very much fond of fishing and swimming in the river Meghna. My mother never rebuked me for any mistakes. When I remember the memories of my childhood, I feel happy. I wish I were a child again.

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Childhood memories paragraph lets us go back to the old days. Learning from our family, love from all our well-wishers, fun experiences from playing with our friends, having boring home-works to do, getting to know about our religion, going to pray with our loved ones, etc. sums up why we cherish our childhood memories so much.

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