independence day of bangladesh paragraph

Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph For HSC, SSC & JSC. Students often have to write paragraphs on our Bangladesh Independence Day in their exams. But it is sometimes quite difficult to compile all the information put in the correct order. That is why we have come up with a standard paragraph on our Independence Day so that you can use it.

Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph

On 26th March 1971, the name of a new country was included in the map of the world; – Independence Day of Bangladesh was written centering this day. Through the new sunrise of this day, a new chapter in our national life begins. The first thing to remember in the happy moments of Independence Day is that the sacrifices of many patriotic martyrs of our country. On this day of 1971, people of Bangladesh found out the way to freedom from the 24 years of Pakistani colonial dictatorship.

History of our freedom is the history of sacrificing the blood of millions of martyrs. So in the national life of this country, Independence Day is the most glorious and holiest day. 26th March is our great Independence Day. We will have to accept the attempts so that the purpose of our freedom which is gained in exchange of huge blood will not lose its way in any personal or group interests. Otherwise, the image this freedom will be damaged and the life of everyone will be more disastrous.

Let us not forget that it is difficult to attain independence, but it is even more difficult to protect independence. Today we see different competitions in the world for development. In this case, we also have to develop our thinking and way. The whole nation needs today to take a new oath to build the country again. We have to free our system as well as our country from all types of dictatorships and make our country strong enough. Through this, we can have a powerful and enriched Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Independence Day Paragraph For Class 8 & 5

This year’s Independence Day was celebrated with due honour and solemnity  at our school. The school compound was decorated with various festoons, banners, flags and placards. The day’s programme started with the hoisting national of the national flag. Then there was the scouts’ march past. The chief guest took the salute. Then national anthem was sung by the audience present there. After that a discussion meeting was held in the school auditorium. Teachers, students and some invited guests were present there. The chief guest was Principal Abdul Majid, a well known educationist in our area. Our Headteacher chaired the, programme. Teachers and students took part in discussion. Everybody heard the chief guest’s speech with rapt attention. His speech enkindled the patriotic zeal in the minds of the audience. The last event was a cultural programme. Students sang patriotic songs, recited poems on liberation war and at the end staged a drama. The programme ended with our Headteacher’s thanksgiving speech. This day really became an important and memorable day in my life.

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