Juvenile Delinquency Paragraph

Juvenile delinquency refers to doing crimes or violating existing values and norms in our society done by teenagers or adolescents. In recent times, it has become the social evil of our society. The term juvenile delinquency is also known as “juvenile offending” that is becoming a great concern for the higher authority. This is because the crimes and unlawful practices by teenagers are increasing day by day. In this juvenile delinquency paragraph, we are going to discuss everything about this.

Questions :

  1. What is Juvenile Delinquency?
  2. How are teenagers being involved in Juvenile Delinquencies?
  3. How are the personal and social life being affected?
  4. Suggest the ways to come out of this crisis.
  5. The structure of the paragraph must be Developed by including a topic sentence, development of ideas and a concluding statement.

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Juvenile Delinquency Paragraph

If any crime or violation happens in the society by adolescents then that will be called juvenile delinquency. The danger and negative impact of juvenile delinquency are vital. Some crimes done by teenagers are so serious and destructive that they can cause death to many and damage to our society, our lives. A teenager under the age of eighteen can be called a juvenile delinquent if that teenager breaks the law in society by committing any crime or violation.

Juvenile delinquency is becoming very alarming for society so that our government and the higher authority have made some laws and taken some effective steps to control the crimes. These crimes and anti-social behaviors include underage smoking, taking drugs, committing violations of people’s property and lives, betting, stealing, attempting suicide, killing people, harassing girls, involving in illegal sexual activities, etc.

Teenagers are involved in juvenile delinquency for a lot of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are getting raised in an unconscious family or negative family environment, lack of social and moral training, lack of parenting, frustration, anarchy, cheap and easy availability of drugs and alcohol, poverty, and so on. Besides these, there are also many other reasons because of which teenagers involve in juvenile delinquency.

Most juvenile delinquents come from the broken families and many other families where there is a lack of right practices, moral values, passion, proper guidelines, love, and security. Child labor is also a reason for juvenile delinquency. The negative impacts of this in society are very dangerous. Because of these evil activities, we are losing the serenity and becoming unhappy in our family and society day by day.

If we come together with proper planning and care, we can control juvenile delinquency and make our society more livable. As the parents of juvenile delinquents, we all should teach our teenagers moral values, love them, care for them, give time to them, become friends with them, provide them necessary things, raising them with the right norms, educate them, and admonish them when they intend to cross the limits. As it affects society in a negative way and causes imbalances in society, we should come forward socially to control this.

Juvenile Delinquency Paragraph 2021


In the juvenile delinquency paragraph, we have described what this is, what are the reasons behind this, how to control this, and so on. We hope that you have understood every part of the article and will be able to complete your assignment after taking help from this article. We all should be well aware and careful about this matter.

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