My Mother Paragraph

We know that you love your mother. But do you think that you can’t write a paragraph on my mother properly? Then this article is the right one for you. In this article, you will find how you have to organize your ideas on the My Mother Paragraph. It seems that the topic is easy but it’s not easy to write. This paragraph will bring outstanding results for you. You will be surprised with the marks if you write this paragraph in the exam.

Paragraph on My Mother for Class 4, 6, 7, 8

My mother is a housewife. She is 45 years old. She gets up very early in the morning. She makes breakfast for us. She takes care of me. Even she takes care of every family member. She cooks food for us. She is so generous. Without her existence, I could think about surviving. She is so affectionate toward me. She works hard every day. She cleans our home every day. She takes me to school and prepares food for me. She helps me to be an educated person. She helps me to study. Sometimes she teaches me. My mother is the best in the world. She can never be compared to anyone. She never forgets to make me happy. She brings the most beautiful gift on my birthday every year. We live in a house together with my grandmother. She takes care of my grandmother. When I am sick, she cares for me. She is like a gift from God to me. She performs so many duties for our family. She is working hard to build a bright future for me. She is very happy when I make a good result in the examination. She inspired me a lot. Without her inspiration, I could not do better in the examination. I pray for her good health every time. I can’t tell you about her contribution to my life. My life has become so beautiful for her existence. I can’t think about a single day without her. I pray for hee good health and long life every day.

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My Mother Paragraph for SSC, HSC exam

My mother is my favorite person in my life. She is not only my mother. She is a superhero. She is the only person whom I love the most. She is an inspiration to me every day. She is a hard-working person. I am so grateful to God for giving me a mother like her. She is so precious to me. I can never give back the things that she has done for me. I respect my mother every time. She is not a strict mother. She is like a friend to me. She takes care of me every time. Whenever I need anything, I get the things from her. She is so compassionate toward me. Whenever I fall, I get her by my side. When I find no one by my side, I find her to lift myself. I can’t even survive a single day without her. She loves me a lot. She has done a lot more sacrifices for me in her life. She is so beautiful. She is an educated lady. She is strong enough to handle everything. She makes delicious foods for our family. In my childhood days, she use to tell me stories and I sleep after listening to her stories. She is an ideal mother. She is so intelligent. She never thinks about her comfort. She does everything for me. When it’s morning, she takes me to school. She prepares everything for me before I go to school. She makes foods for my Tiffin. When I come back from school, she takes me to the garden and I help her. My mother has filled my life with love. If I do any kind of mistake, she never scolds me. She helps me to improve. She is my idol. There can be an alternative to everything. But there is no alternative to my mother for me. She is the only person who sacrificed everything for me. I always pray for her long life to God. She is the best gift that God has given me.

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