Traffic Jam Paragraph

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Questions to Answer for Traffic Jam Paragraph

  1. What is a traffic jam?
  2. What are the causes of traffic jams?
  3. What are the problems people face because of traffic jams?
  4. How can we solve this problem?

Traffic Jam Paragraph

When rows of vehicles sit unmoving for a long distance, it is called traffic jams very slowly. In Bangladesh, we are often faced with the most intolerable jam, especially in our capital city Dhaka. It seems like a serious and unavoidable problem every day. There are a lot of reasons behind the causes of traffic jams.

The proportion of the population to the number of roads and highways is very high. The number of roads and highways do not increase. This means there is an excess of cars on the road. Excess quantities of cars make this traffic jam worse. Many cars remain on our road without a permit. There is not a full credential or instruction for many vehicle drivers.

And traffic regulations may not be followed or traffic regulations may not be understood. Jam traffic makes things so difficult. It is a waste of everyone’s time. The traffic jam caused patients to suffer sick. At this point, a planned guideline for road construction and maintenance is to be followed if we want to solve the traffic jam problem.

Traffic Jam Paragraph for HSC

Because of any reasons, if a large number of vehicles stay and cannot pass, it is called a traffic jam. It’s a common affair in the major cities and towns around the world. It typically happens in busy areas of the city or town. It’s a big problem in the city that people have to face every day. There are a lot of causes for traffic jams.

An explosion of population in the cities is one of them. Compared to the number of people we do not have adequate transport facilities. Our roads and streets remain almost undeveloped, though the number of automobiles is growing rapidly. These vehicles do not have enough space to pass through the roads. As a result, a traffic jam is occurring.

Besides our traffic control system, it is not sufficiently established. People do not want to abide by the laws of traffic. Various types of vehicles, such as coaches, vans and microbuses, CNG three-wheelers, rickshaws, pushcarts, etc. run as they may. Often the jam is so serious that the vehicles stay together for hours.

It causes unspeakable pain to the people who travel on the vehicles as well as on the foot. It kills our precious time and hinders our work. This issue can be overcome by taking some successful steps. Traffic laws should be strictly followed. Spacious roads, that are well-constructed, should be built. Public awareness is crucial in this regard to solve this issue.

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