National Flag Paragraph

Students often have to write paragraphs on our national flag in their exams. But it is sometimes quite difficult to compile all the information put in the correct order. That is why we have come up with a standard paragraph on our national flag so that you can use it.

Our National Flag Paragraph

Our national flag is the symbol of our independence and sovereignty. We got independence through a bloody liberation war and we have lost millions of lives in the war. That is how we earn our national flag. This is a matter of our emotions and pride. Every independent country in the world has its own national flag. We also have our national flag which is rectangular. There is a certain ratio to make our national flag. Its length and width ratio should be 10:6. It can be made of different materials like cotton, silk or linen. The rectangular background is green in color. There is a circle inside the rectangle and that is red in color. There are some reasons for this color scheme. The green background reminds us of our green motherland. As we are a country with green lands and crops everywhere, this green background is the symbol of our land. It is also the symbol of our evergreen youth that want to take the country far. It also reminds us of the valiant struggle of our evergreen youth that gave us independence. The red circle in the middle is the symbol of the glowing sun that gives energy to all of us. It also has another symbolic meaning that is tragic. We have lost millions of lives during our liberation war and our motherland has been freed from the oppressors in the cost of their blood. This is remembered while designing our national flag and Kamrul Hasan is the designer of our national flag. This red circle reminds us of the bloodshed that happened to give us an independent and sovereign country. There are certain laws regarding our national flag. It should always be made in proper ratio and it should never be torn. Our national flag is hoisted on top of all government buildings, courts and offices, educational institutions. It is hoisted in the morning and retracted in the evening. Our national flag must not be hoisted at night. Our national flag remains half-mast during any national holiday and no other flags should be hoisted on top of our national flag. It is a great honor and pride for us to have an independent country and our national flag as the symbol of our independence. We should always be careful to keep its honor upright and bear the moral.

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Paragraph on The National Flag of Bangladesh

The National Flag of Bangladesh Paragraph; A national flag is generally the symbol of a free nation. Being a free nation, we also have a national flag of our own. It symbolizes our national integrity, solidarity, and sovereignty. In 1971, we got our national flag through a bloody war against Pakistan. The size/ length and breadth of our national flag is 10:6. Its shape is rectangular. It is made of cotton, linen, or silk. It bears a combination of two colors. The major part of it is deep green. There is also a deep red round color part in the middle of it. It looks like the rising sun.

The green color of our national flag stands for everlasting youth, freshness, and vigor of the whole nation. It also symbolizes the ever greenery of our beloved country. The red round part of our national flag symbolizes the rising sun of independence. Our national flag is the source of our spirit, hopes, and aspiration for our youth. It is hoisted every day on our government offices and educational institutions. It is kept half-mast on our national mourning days. Besides, it is hoisted everywhere on independence day and victory day. We feel proud of our national flag.

Our National Flag Paragraph

(a) What is the symbol of independence?
(b) What is its measurement?
(c) What is it made of?
(d) What is its color?
(e) What does the red circle symbolism?
(f) What does green color symbolism?
(g) How can we uphold its honor?

A national flag symbolizes freedom and sovereignty of a free county. Every independent county has a national flag of its own. Bangladesh is an independent country and she has a national flag of her own. It is rectangular in size. The length and breadth of the flag are 10: 6. It has a red circle in the middle. The green color symbolizes the youth and the red color resembles a rising sun. It also symbolizes the supreme sacrifices of our freedom fighters and language myrtles. It is hosted every day on the top of the important government building and educational institutions. It is kept half mast on Shaded Day. I am proud of our national flag because it reminds our independence. We got our independence from Pakistan in 1971 on 16 December. We must uphold its honor by doing our national duty properly. We must sacrifice our lives for the sake of our country and its sovereignty.

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National Flag Paragraph for Class 5

The national flag of India is the symbol of freedom and unity of the country. It is rectangular in shape. It is also called as ‘tricolor’ or ‘tiranaga’ as it has three colors. The topmost color is saffron, white is in the middle and the lowermost color is green. The saffron color symbolizes courage and sacrifice, white symbolizes peace and truth while the green color symbolizes faith and chivalry. It has Ashoka chakra with 24 spokes in blue color at the center. The national flag is hoisted on occasions like independence day, republic day and other important events. It is made up of khadi cloth. It is the symbol of our freedom struggle, national pride, and history. We must always respect and honor our national flag.

National Flag Paragraph for class 8

Each independent nation has its own national flag. It symbolizes the freedom and sovereignty of a free nation. As a free nation, Bangladesh has got a flag of its own. The people of our country are proud of its flag because it means that Bangladesh is a free and sovereign country. Our national flag reminds us of the heroic struggle of the freedom fighters to liberate the country. The size of our national flag is rectangular: 10: 6. It is proportional, but the flag is of different size depending on its use. The flag is raised daily on top of our important government buildings and educational institutions. It was lifted everywhere on the occasion of Independence Day and Victory Day. On the occasion of National Mourning Day, national flags were half-handed everywhere. There are two colors. They are green and red. The green color of the flag is a symbol of the youth and the red color symbolizes the sacrifice of the freedom fighters who gave their lives. Every time we salute our national flag and remember the highest sacrifice of our freedom fighters. I am very proud of my national flag because whensoever and wherever I see the national flag it reminds me that I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I can hold that honor by properly performing our national duty.

Paragraph National Flag 250+ Words

The national flag is a piece of fabric with a special and unique colored design. It is used as the symbol of a particular country. Every nation of the world has a national flag of its own. It is the symbol of the independence of a nation.
As an independent country, Bangladesh has also a national flag. We achieved this in 1971 at the cost of 30 lac of martyrs. The ratio of its length and breadth is 10:6. Our national flag is a green rectangle with a round red circle in the middle. The radius of the red circle is one-fifth of the length of the flag. The green colour represents our green fields and the youthful vigour of our country. The red circle symbolizes the blood of our 30 lac martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. The red circle also stands for the red sun of freedom and new hope for a new nation. After 9 months long bloody war, Bangladesh became independent of 16th December of 1971. The national flag is hoisted on the premises of every govt offices, institutes and organizations of Bangladesh. It is kept half-mast on national mourning days.
Our national flag reminds us of the supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons. It inspires us to die for the country. We should be determined to uphold the honour of our national flag and do duties to the nation.

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This paragraph on our national flag will help you in different cases whether you want to know about our national flag or need to write paragraphs on our national flag in your exams. Go through it and memorize it so that you can write about our national flag when it is necessary.

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