Italy Visa

The south-central European country, Italy has great opportunities for immigrants and laborers. This is why this naturally beautiful country is preferred by many skilled workers. This land of opportunity homes many students and immigrants for a better and brighter future. But to stay and work in the Republic of Italy, one must have an Italy visa. Below the detailed process is explained.

Italy Work Visa

The Italian immigration system offers easy steps to process visas for citizens from both the European Union countries and non-European Union countries. Though the process is different, it is not at all difficult.

The types of Italy visa for citizens from non-European Union countries are explained below:

Schengen visa: these types of visas are usually of 3 categories, they are; A B and C. These visas let non-European citizens visit 26 European countries without individual visas for each. Italy is among these 26 countries and with a Schengen visa, one can visit Italy.

The next type of visa is ‘limited territorial visas’. These visas are applicable to people from Schengen countries but with special cases. These special cases can be a humanitarian purpose or for people who cannot enter Italy through another Schengen country for various reasons.

The third type of visa is a long-term residence visa: with this visa, foreigners can stay in Italy for more than 3 months. They can avail of multiple entries and exit in Italy with this visa.

Resident permit visas: With these types of visas or residents permits one non-Italian citizen can secure permission to stay and work up to 5 years. There are 2 types of residents permits: temporary and permanent. Both of these residency permits can be the prerequisite to get Italian citizenship. To apply for a permanent residency in Italy, one must live for 5 years in the country.

If anyone intends to live in Italy and work in the country, they need to apply for a residency permit. This requires a job with an Italian company. Here the employer will apply for a ‘work permit’ on behalf of the foreign citizen to the Italian government. This will lead the foreigner for a long-term visa or permesso di soggiorno. Italy Sponsor Visa 2024 (Apply Online)

Seasonal Visa Italy

This type of visas is given t the non-European union citizen who wants to come to Italy for seasonal work. Seasonal works are works mostly in the tourism sector and the agricultural sector.

These types are visas are called “decreto-flussi”. Ant the Italian government grants these visas at the beginning of the year.

To avail of these kinds of Italy visa, one non-European union citizen must get a job through an employer who is an Italian citizen or has a residency permit. The employer has to ask for permission to hire the foreigner first and then apply for “decreto-flussi” on behalf of his employee. These types of visas have duration of 20 days to 9 months.

Italy Agriculture Visa

The Italian government grants 18,000 reserved entrances to seasonal workers from different countries. These reserved entries are for non-European union citizen who has a job related to these sectors- salaried employment, seasonal work in the agricultural and tourism sector, long term seasonal work (duration of 2 years), scientific research work, and artistic work, working holiday and sports activities.

Italy visa for agriculture work requires the employer’s work permit.  With this work permit, a foreigner can apply for the visa at the Italian embassy or consulate of the employee’s country.

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Italy Visa Application Form

There are 2 types of visa application forms. One is for the short stay, which is the Schengen Visa application form, and the last type is called the National visa for long-stays.

For the Italy visa application form, you must apply online. After you have downloaded and printed the form, you can fill it by hand and attach all other necessary documents with it before submitting it to your country’s Italian embassy or consulate.

Always fill out the form as detailed as possible. Be specific about the information and it is wise not to leave any section unanswered.

Lastly, you need to get all your documents ready before submitting the form. These documents are your work permit from the job you have in Italy. Other necessary documents can be your valid passport, passport-sized photos, a letter from the bank stating the applicant’s financial status, flight reservation (often plane tickets), health insurance paper, an application form.

Though these documents may vary due to the type of visa you are applying for and based on the citizenship of your country.

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As usual, like all other countries, one needs a visa to enter the country and work there. Italy is no different and therefore you need an Italy visa to go and work there. However, the visa process always depends on the individual. The visa process and documents are different according to the individual’s nationality.

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