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There are many people of Bangladesh who are thinking of going to Italy, a Western European country. Many people for traveling purpose and some people for work and some people for getting higher education. However some individuals do not know the necessary information about Italy. Besides, you may not know about vfs global italy dhaka appointment date, visa tracking, address. You will know that from today’s article.

Whenever you start visa processing with the intention of visiting Italy, you must have a basic understanding of some things. If you know the details about all these things, you can easily prepare your visa to Italy from Bangladesh, otherwise you will have to face various complications.

About VFS Global

VFS Global is an outsourcing service provider commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In November 2018, following a global tender, the Ministry of External Affairs selected VFS Global as the external service provider to provide visa services in eight of the nine regions worldwide.

The company VFS Global will serve the Dutch government in Africa, North America, Central and South America, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe and India. VFS Global has been working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2006 and under the new agreement will provide Schengen visa services, Caribbean visa services, national long-stay visas, Dutch travel documents and citizenship integration tests.

VFS Global is headquartered in Dubai, based and is originally a Swiss company. VFS operates 2776 application centers, operates in 141 countries on five continents and serves 62 governments.

VFS Global Italy Dhaka Appointment Date

No matter which visa you apply for, you must follow all applicable instructions from the Visa Department. A signed consent form for your citizenship, visitation immigration, study permit, work permit, etc. must be submitted with your application. He has taken the corona vaccine with him, he will also submit the related letter.

Once your Italy visa application is completed online, submit the copy to the visa office. And if you have not applied online then submit your required information.

If the information is provided by biometrics or other common method, be sure to collect a receipt that you will be given. Because your visa tracking number will be given in that receipt, through which you can understand the progress of your visa through online.

VFS Global Italy Dhaka Visa Tracking

Now you will get an email and through the email you will know the exact status of your visa processing and there will be a link through which you can track whether your visa processing is completed or pending. You will also send a correct mobile number where you can receive all the updates related to your visa. This way you can also track your visa application.

VFS Global Italy Visa Application

Italy visa rules are mostly the same but there are some differences. In today’s age of modern technology there are some very easy ways to apply for visa online. Select the documents that you will submit with your application form.

  • Choose the right visa for Italy according to your choice.
  • The applicable visa application form should be downloaded correctly.
  • Now fill the downloaded form and then print it. Then take the printed form to the visa application center and submit it correctly.
  • You have to fill in all the privacy policies related to the visa as well as the consent form and attach it correctly to the application form.
  • However, if you fail to include your form correctly, your application will not be accepted and it will be returned to you.
  • Now that your visa application is done, it’s time to record your interview correctly, at the right time.
  • You must provide your biometric information to confirm the interview.
  • You can deposit the amount of money you have to deposit for the visa after the application is completed.
  • Don’t forget to take your receipt after paying the fee. Different visas have different fees so be sure to check the fees that apply to your visa.
  • Once your Italy visa application is completed online, submit the copy to the visa office. And if you have not applied online then submit your required information.
  • You will get an email and through the email you will know how much your visa work has been completed.
  • There will be a link through which you can track whether your visa processing is completed or pending.
  • Now your main task will be to collect your much desired Italian passport from the visa application office. Also, do not forget to check all the necessary documents
  • If you want, you can take your passport and other documents to the courier with an additional charge.

Required Documents for Italy Visa Application

There are many young people in Bangladesh who now want to go to Italy. Because Italy is one of the developed countries in the world. Due to which many are migrating to Italy for work.

A visa is required to travel to Italy. And to get a visa, you will need some documents. Many people do not know what documents are needed for Italy visa. Mentioned below are some of the documents you will need for your Italy visa application link.

No. Documents
1. Passport
2. Photocopy of Voter ID Card
3. Passport size picture
4. Visa application form
5. Work experience certificate
6. Educational qualification certificate
7. Must be above 18 years of age
8. Police Clearance Certificate
9. Valid vaccination certificate
10. Application fee receipt

VFS Global Italy Dhaka Address

Address 1: Z N Tower, 2nd Floor, Plot No: 2, Road No: 8, Block No: SW 1, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212.

Helpline Number: +88-02 9895742

E-mail address: info.itbd@vfshelpline.com

Website Address: http://www.vfsglobal-it-bd.com

Address 2: AJ Heights (Ground Floor), Ch-72/1/D, Pragati Sarani, North Badda Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Helpline Number: +88-09606 777666, +88 09666 911384

Note: Your visa application will be processed and decided by the diplomats on duty at the Italian Embassy. VFS Global and its staff do not play any role in or influence the outcome of your visa application. VFS Global can only provide services to ensure that your visa application is correctly completed and submitted.

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