Ramadan Calendar 2024

As the holy month of Ramadan is coming closer, you might be searching for the Ramadan calendar. But finding the corrected Ramadan calendar can be confusing. Islamic Foundation Bangladesh publishes a Ramadan calendar every year for public use.

They have already published the Ramadan calendar for this year. We will provide the Ramadan calendar 2024 of this year published by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh and inform some other necessary details. You are requested to read this short and informative article if you are searching for the Ramadan calendar.

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Summary

Here are some key information from the Ramadan calendar of this year. You should carefully check these so that you don’t miss out any important schedule. This fasting starts before the sunrise and continues till sunset. It is often mistaken the time of Sehri and Iftar if there is no certain time declaration.

Zakat Calculator in Bangladeshi Taka

This is the reason for the Ramadan calendar to be so popular and effective as everything is mentioned in this calendar. In the Ramadan calendar, Sehri and Iftar time is mentioned in a day-wise manner. The starting of the month of holy Ramadan is subjected to the moon. Islamic Foundation Bangladesh and other authorities take the decision upon sight of the moon.

Ramadan Calendar Highlights

  • Ramadan Start Date: 12 March 2024
  • Ramadan Last Date: 10 April 2024
  • Sehri Last Time: 04.50 am
  • Last Iftar: 06.09 pm

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This year, Ramadan is assumed to start on 03 April but there is no confirmation yet. We will update you on any latest information related to the beginning of Ramadan.

জেলা ভিত্তিক সেহরি ও ইফতারের সময়সূচী দেখুন

Islamic Foundation BD Ramadan Calendar

Every year, Islamic Foundation BD publishes Ramadan calendar to help pious muslim people of Bangladesh to carry out their religious practices smoothly. Like every year, Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh has already published the Ramadan calendar for the year 1443 Hijri.

সাহরি ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি ২০২৪

ramadan calendar 2024

In this calendar, day-wise Sehri and Iftar time is included. You might know that there is some difference in the time zone of different places in Bangladesh. This is why you need to adjust the Sehri and Iftar time mentioned in the Ramadan Calendar according to where you reside.

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Sehri and Iftar Time 2024 Dhaka

You will find many Ramadan Calendars on the internet but all of them are not as good as the one published by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. As it is the highest authority for taking care of Islamic culture in Bangladesh, they publish the most accurate and detailed Ramadan calendar.

Islamic foundation Ramadan Calendar 2024

1st 10 Days

Ramadan March/April Day Sehri (am) Iftar (pm)
 1  12 March  Tuesday  04:50  06:09
 2  13  Wednesday  04:49  06:10
 3  14  Thursday  04:48  06:10
 4  15  Friday  04:47  06:10
 5  16  Saturday  04:46  06:11
 6  17  Sunday  04:45  06:11
 7  18  Monday  04:44  06:12
 8  19  Tuesday  04:43  06:12
 9  20  Wednesday  04:42  06:12
 10  21  Thursday  04:41  06:13

2nd 10 Days

 11  22  Friday  04:40  06:13
 12  23   Saturday  04:39  06:14
 13  24  Sunday  04:38  06:14
 14  25  Monday  04:37  06:14
 15  26  Tuesday  04:36  06:15
 16  27  Wednesday  04:35  06:15
 17  28  Tuesday  04:34  06:16
 18  29  Friday  04:32  06:16
 19  30  Saturday  04:31  06:17
 20  31  Sunday  04:30  06:17

3rd 10 Days

 21  01 April  Monday  04:29  06:18
 22  02  Tuesday  04:28  06:18
 23  03  Wednesday  04:27  06:19
 24  04  Thursday  04:26  06:19
 25  05  Friday  04:25  06:20
 26  06  Saturday  04:24  06:20
 27  07  Sunday  04:23  06:21
 28  08  Monday  04:22  06:21
 29  09  Tuesday  04:21  06:22
 30  10  Wednesday  04:20  06:22

 (Source: Islamic Foundation Bangladesh)

In this Ramadan calendar, you will even find the amount of time needed to be adjusted with the standard Sehri and Iftar time.

Ramadan-Calendar 23

Rojar Niot Bangla

The Rojar Niot is very important. It is obligatory on every Muslim, adult, healthy-minded, stable and physically and mentally able man and woman to fast in Ramadan. The people of like us always searching for Rojar Niot Bangla or Sehrir Doa. Sehri must be performed for fasting Ramadan. In the hadith, the beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) has urged to take Sehri. He also recommended taking Iftar in time. Check Rojar Niot Bangla.

Sehrir Dua in Arabic:

نَوَيْتُ اَنْ اُصُوْمَ غَدًا مِّنْ شَهْرِ رَمْضَانَ الْمُبَارَكِ فَرْضَا لَكَ يَا اللهُ فَتَقَبَّل مِنِّى اِنَّكَ اَنْتَ السَّمِيْعُ الْعَلِيْم

Rojar Niot in Bangla

Rojar Niot

Iftar Dua Bangla

May Allah Almighty grant the Muslim Ummah the Tawfiq of making the intention after Sehri, repenting before Iftar, reciting Doa during Iftar and reciting Doa after Iftar by giving thanks

Iftar Dua

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Ramadan calendar 2024

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You can now easily check the Ramadan calendar by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh which is given below for your convenience. Feel free to click on the image and download it for further use. You can even print it if necessary and stick it on the walls to be visible to everyone. Keep in mind that this calendar will be effective depending on the moon and you are requested to keep an eye on here for further information.

As you have the Ramadan calendar by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh in your hand, you can now prepare for the upcoming month of Holy Ramadan.

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