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Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Admission Notice 2017-18. MIST Admission Notice 2017-18 has been publicized. Online application time of Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Admission Notice 2017-18 will be ongoing on 8th October (Monday) 2017. For more explanation about admission, you will found everything in MIST website at & our website too.

MIST Admission Test Notice 2017-18

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Admission Notice 2017-18. Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) for educational session 2017-18 of Honours in Engineering & Architecture Programs Admission Notice has broadcasted. MIST (Military Institute of Science and Technology) Admission test will be organized on 10th November (Friday) 2017 at several times. Online application date will be established on 21st September (Monday) 2017. Application closing time will be on 20th October (Tuesday) 2015. For admission test charge, concerned applicants ought to pay BDT. 750 are for Unit ‘A’ & BDT. 1050 are for Unit ‘B’ & (‘A’+’B’).

Admission Online Application Date Start: 8st October (Sunday) 2017

Admission Application Closing Date: 20th October (Friday) 2017

Admission Test Charge: BDT. 800 are for Unit ‘A’ & BDT. 1100 are for Unit ‘B’ & (‘A’+’B’)

MIST Admission Test Date & Time




10th November (Friday) 2017

09:00 am to 12:00 pm


10th November (Friday) 2017

09:00 am to 12:00 pm


10th November (Friday) 2017

03:00 pm to 04:00 pm


Educational Qualification: Minimum qualifications to take part in the admission test are as follows:

Concern applicant has to complete SSC or similar exam from science group with at least CGPA 4.00 (without 4th subject), Applicant ought to passed HSC or similar exam in 2016 or 2017, Applicant has to get at least 22 grade point in Bangla, English, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in HSC or similar exam.

    a.   SSC (or Equivalent).

The applicant must have passed the examination in Science Group obtaining a minimum GPA 4.00 (without fourth subject) in the scale of 5.0. Only the applicants who passed SSC or Equivalent Examination in 2014 and 2015 can apply.
    b.   HSC Examination (or Equivalent). 

The applicants passed in 2017 and 2016  must obtain minimum total grade point 17 in four subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English) having minimum ‘A’ grade in any two subjects out of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Only the applicants who passed HSC/Equivalent Examination in 2016 and 2017 can apply.

  c. GCE (‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels or Equivalent).

(1) The applicant must have qualified with minimum ‘B’ grade in five subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English in GCE ‘O’ Level.

(2)The applicant must have minimum ‘B’ grade in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in GCE ‘A’ Level or equivalent background of current year (2017) and last year (2016).

Military Institute of Science Technology Admission Circular 2017

MIST Admission
MIST Admission Circular

In which unit, in which departments & how many applicants will be getting chance to admit MIST are given below:-

Unit Department No. of Seats
‘A’ Civil Engineering 60
Computer Science and Engineering 60
Mechanical Engineering 60
Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering 60
Aeronautical Engineering 50
Industrial Production Engineering 50
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 40
Biomedical Engineering 40
Nuclear Science & Engineering and Environment 40
Water Resources and Coastal Engineering 40
Petroleum & Mining Engineering 30
‘B’ Architecture 25
Total Seats 555

System of MIST Admission Test:

Module Subject Marks Remarks
‘A’ Mathematics 80  

Total Marks: 200

Exam Duration: 3 Hours


Physics 60
Chemistry 40
Functional English 40
‘B’ Drawing and Architecture related topics 100 Total Marks: 200+100

Exam Duration: 3 +1= 4 Hours

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Selection Criteria for MIST Admission 2017

  1. Merit list of the candidates for final selection will be prepared on the basis of Written Test only
  2. Minimum qualifying marks in the written test is 40% for both Unit A and Unit B. Biology at HSC
    or equivalent level is a must for applicants of Biomedical Engineering with a grade point of minimum
  3. Biology at GCE or equivalent level is must for applicants of Biomedical Engineering with a minimum
    grade point ‘C’.
  4. 5% marks will be deducted from the written test for the last year (2016) candidates. Thereafter, a
    Combined Merit List (current year and last year’s candidates) will be prepared for the admission and
    department allocation.

Eligibility for written test

  1. Candidates will be short-listed on the basis of total GPA obtained in Mathematics, Physics and
    Chemistry in HSC or Equivalent Examination. In case of tie, order of priority for finding the eligible
    candidates will be: marks/GPA in Mathematics, Physics and then Chemistry.
  2. Approximately 10,000 (Ten thousand) short listed candidates against total seat capacity of 570 will be
    allowed to appear written test. These 10,000 candidates include, candidates passed in H.S.C/Equivalent
    Examination in current year (2017) and maximum 20% (not exceeding 2000) candidates passed HSC or
    equivalent in previous year (2016).
  3. All eligible candidates with GCE A’ Level or equivalent of current year and previous year (last year
    only) will be allowed to appear at the written admission test.
  4. Two separate lists (one for current year and one for last year’s candidates) will be generated for
    selection purpose to appear written admission test only.
  5. Short list of eligible candidates will be published on 01 Nov 2017 in the MIST website

Military Institute of Science and Technology

Application is to be submitted online through MIST website (apply online) by paying Tk 800 (Eight hundred) for only UNIT A and Tk 1100 (Eleven hundred) for UNIT B and UNIT (A+B) though TeleTalk Prepaid mobile phone. Further clarification may be sought from MIST website and Admission Desk (+88-02-8000266 / +88-02-8035419 / 01556565566 / 01769023842). For any query on undergrad admission, please email to