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Happy Independence Day Bangladesh 2024 Picture, SMS, Wishes. Independence Day of Bangladesh is very significant. Basically, we were able to become independent through this day. Independence Day has also entered into our education system very well. This is because the young generation will know the history of the liberation war. It is now a common fact that there will come the question, be it paragraph or essay in the exam regarding Independence Day. So we have provided an effective paragraph and essay on Independence Day. It will be of great help to you.

 Bangladesh Independence History 1971

At that time, the ruling West Pakistan government came to ferociously attack the freedom-seeking people of Bangladesh that means former East Pakistan. The ‘Operation Searchlight’ led by Pakistani army caused a great genocide and oppression in Dhaka city.

26 march bangladesh

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested on 26th March, the day after the horrific night of 25th March 1971. However, he mentioned this day as the Independence Day of Bangladesh by addressing the nation on the radio.

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Bangladesh Independence Day 2024

  • Beginning of the Protest: Of course, long before the freedom fight, Bengali people were having the spark of independence in their mind for various reasons. This fire spreads further after this day. The period of the resistance of the Bengali nation has lasted about 9 months long after that. Bangladeshi citizens of all levels started to sacrifice their lives to protect their country from the brutal West Pakistanis.
  • Guerrilla war: The Mukti Bahini was formed within a few months combining the East Bengal Regiment of the Pakistan Army, East Pakistan Rifles (EPR), East Pakistan Police, Bengali members of the military and above all, the freedom-seeking general people of Bangladesh to protect the country from the Pakistani military forces. The Mukti Bahini started to fight in the guerrilla system and made the soil of this country hellfire for the Pakistani army.
  • blood-spattered struggle: After this, the long blood-spattered struggle for several months, the sacrifice of lives of three million martyrs and the honor of millions of women, finally on December 16, 1971, approximately 93,000 Pakistani soldiers forced to surrender. The name of a new sovereign and independent country named Bangladesh was written in the history of the world in this day.

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Bangladesh Independence Day 2024 Picture

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Bangladesh Independence War

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Bangladesh Independence Day 2024 SMS Images

স্বাধীনতা আমার ভোরের পাখি চিরকালের সুখ
সোহাগ করা মায়ের আদর ভালবাসার মুখ
স্বাধীনতা আমার মোহন বাঁশি
স্বাধীনতা খুকুর চপল হাসি ।
সবাইকে স্বাধীনতা দিবসের শুভেচ্ছা ।

sadhinota amar vorer pakhi cirokaler sukh
sohag kora mayer ador valobashar sukh
sadhinota amar mohon bashi
sadhinota khukur copol hasi
Happy independence day

মৃত্যু থেকে জন্ম নেওয়া একটি দিন
আমার ভাইয়ের বোনের রক্তে লাল রঙিন
আমার মায়ের অশ্রু ভেজা বিষাদ ময়
এমন একটি দিন কখনো মলিন হয় ?
স্বাধীনতা দিবসের শুভেচ্ছা

mrittu theke jonmo neya akti din
amar vaiyer boner rokte lal rongin
amar mayer oshru veja bishad moy
emon ekti din kokhono molin hoy ?
sadhinota dibosher suveccha.

স্বাধীন দেশে স্বাধীন ভাবে
আমি গর্ব করি
সোনার মতো নামী দামী
এসো দেশটা গড়ি।

sadhin deshe sadhin vabe
ami gorbo kori
sonar moto nami dami
eso desh ta gori.

রক্ত ঝরা মার্চ এসেছে
স্মরণ করে দিতে
একাত্তরের দিনগুলোকে
বরণ করে নিতে
চির-সবুজ এই বাংলায়
চোখেরই জল ফেলে,
শহীদ সেনার চেতনাতে
বাঙালি মন ঢেলে।

rokto jhora march eseche
soron kore dite
ekattorer din guloke
boron kore nite
ciro sobuj ei banglay
cokheroi jol fele
sohid senar cetonate
bangali mon dhele.

আমি যতই দূরে থাকি
দূরের কোন ভিনদেশ
আমার ভিতরে আমার দেশ
আমার বাংলাদেশ।
লাল সবুজের পতাকায় ঘেরা
৫৬ হাজার বর্গ মাইলের দেশ
প্রিয় মহান নেতাদের আত্মত্যাগে গড়া
আমার বাংলাদেশ।

ami jotoi dure thaki
durer kono vin desh
amar vitore amar desh
amar bangladesh
lal sobujer potakay ghere
56 hasar borgo mail desh
priyo mohan netader atto tege gora
amar bangladesh

তুমি আমার দেশ
তুমি আমার অহংকার
তোমায় কি ভুলিতে পারি
প্রিয় জন্মভূমি আমার?
ও আমার দেশ
আমি যতই দূরে থাকি,
আমি আমার দেশ
আমিই বাংলাদেশ।

tumi amar desh
tumi amar ohongkar
tomay ki vulite pari
priyo jonmovumi amar ?
O amar desh
ami jotoi dure thaki
ami amar desh
ami e bangladesh.

Independence Day Of Bangladesh Paragraph

Independence Day History

7th March Speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a historic speech on 7th March 1971. Basically, his speech mainly accelerates the way to freedom. Then the fires of freedom spread throughout Bangladesh rapidly. He announced that such injustice to the Bengali people will not be accepted anymore. He urged every people to build resistance. Millions of people awoke by his blazing speech.

Historic 7th March Speech

7th March Speech

The Pakistani government became frightened of that. Sheikh Mujib declared and requested everyone to jump into the fight with whatever the things people have. At one stage, he announced that “This time the struggle is for our freedom. This time the struggle is for our independence.” His thunderbolt voice put a great effect among all Bengali people.

Operation Searchlight

Operation Searchlight

On the dark night of March 25, the cruel Pakistani army beasts started the ruthless massacre on the unarmed and sleeping Bengalis. According to the Asia Times, “Indians are bastards anyway”. In the meeting with the senior army officers, Yahya Khan declared that “kill three million Bengalis, and then you will see they will sip our hands.”

According to that plan, the Pakistani Army launched Operation Searchlight on the night of March 25, which was aimed at crushing the Bengali resistance. As a part of this, the Bengali members of the army were disarmed and killed, the students and intellectuals were destroyed and civilians were killed indiscriminately throughout Bangladesh.

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Final Words

We hope that you all can learn the paragraph and essay about Independence Day from our article. We have arranged it in such a way that if you cover one, you actually can learn both the essay and paragraph. But you should read this not only for passing the exam but also to know the history of our great liberation war. We have a long history of glorious freedom fighting.

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