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The whole world is facing terrible hard times due to this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. People are getting infected without their acquaintance. In this situation everyone is thinking that ‘had I knew it before; I would have never been there’. It seems that time has come for the UK people. Soon, they will be able to know that if they have been in the vicinity of any infected or suspected corona patient.

How the Coronavirus Tracking App Works?

The NHS has developed an app, or we should say a contact-tracing app especially for this purpose. Now you might have questions like, how they are going to know if I was in contact with a suspected COVID-19 patient. Or how are they even going to know if s/he is a suspected patient? Coronavirus Symptoms And Treatment.

Well, people are allowed to report the signs and symptoms they face to the app. And then the app will keep notifying people who have been recently in contact with the person, obviously the people who are using this app.  Thus, in other words, we can call the app the Coronavirus tracking app.

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Coronavirus Tracking App

Features and Benefits of Coronavirus Tracking App

This app can be used to boost social distancing. This app uses Bluetooth technology to track the locations of the users and help prioritize the testing for people who have recently been exposed to coronavirus. Ministers in the UK hold hope that this NHS app will make the lockdown more effective. They are also promising to boost their testing to 100,000 a day. Thus, they believe this infection will soon be under control.

Coronavirus Tracking App download

For this app to be effective, sixty percent of adults are needed to sign up for this app as well as engaging with the app by reporting their symptoms and their COVID-19 positive results. The proximity of such a person to other users will be restricted. Also, the person will be guided and instructed about their dos and don’ts.

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Now you must be worried that you will lose your privacy as this coronavirus tacking app will be having 24/7 tracing on you. For your information, the NHS will be handling all the data without controversy and with the highest ethical and security issues.

NHS App Free Download

You don’t need to spend any money to use this app. You can download this NHS app for free. This coronavirus tracking app is available at iOS and Android. You can download it through the App Store or Google play store. To be able to register in this app your age needs to be 13 or above, and you have to be registered with a GP surgery, in England.

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This is not just a coronavirus tracking app. Through this app, you can do many more things, such as booking or canceling the appointment with GP surgery, requesting a repeat prescription as well as seeing your available medicines, checking symptoms, accessing your medical record in GP, registering for organ donation if you wish to donate some or all of your organs. We hope to overcome this hard time, be it with the help of this app or anything.

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