Book Post Meaning in Bengali

Book post is the term for a postal service that enables people to mail books or printed materials. In the Indian postal service, this phrase is frequently used. The term “book post” came about as a result of combining the words “book” and “post,” which denotes the mailing of books. পুস্তিকাদি পাঠাবার ডাক ব্যবস্থা is the book post meaning in bengali.

Furthermore, by making Bengali literature more widely available to readers both locally and globally, book post services aid in preserving the Bengali language and culture. It promotes reading habits, intellectual exchange, and the expansion of the publishing sector in Bengali-speaking areas.

“Book Post” Meaning in Bengali

Book Post = পুস্তিকাদি পাঠাবার ডাক ব্যবস্থা, খোলা ডাক।

The Bengali meaning of “Book Post” is “Book Post Service”. It is a way for people to exchange books or to borrow books for library patrons. The term “Book post” represents the Bengali meaning of sending and receiving books and other printed materials through the postal system.

It is a way of communication of human understanding, exchange of literary material. It provides facilities to access books personally, such as students, for example to match knowledge through books and facilitates book delivery to libraries to realize the required books for people interested in various literary works.

It is concerned with the publication of Bengali meaning, preservation of culture and improvement of the dictionary of Bengali language and culture, it engages the publishers of Bengali writings, encourages reading habits and contributes to the promotion of books written in Bengali.

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Example sentences with “Book Post”  

  • I sent that novel to you via Book Post.
  • Remember to use the Book Post service to return those library books.
  • With the Book Post option, enthusiastic readers can trade books with people all over the nation.
  • Mr. Richard frequently uses Book Post to send reviewers advance copies of his books.
  • The Book Post service has completely changed the way we distribute great books.
  • The university library provides a handy Book Post service to access the course materials they need easily.
  • The Book Post service makes a wide variety of reading materials accessible to people.

Synonym For “Book Post”

Here are some synonyms for book post that you might not know. The synonyms of this excellent phrase will undoubtedly increase your knowledge.

Parcel Post = (পার্সেল পোস্ট): I shipped my best friend’s birthday present through parcel post to ensure it arrived on time.

Media Mail = (মিডিয়া মেইল): My friend, Liza sent the package of textbooks to me using media mail to save on shipping costs.

Book Exchange Courier = (বুক এক্সচেঞ্জ কুরিয়ার): Book club members can easily swap novels by using the book exchange courier.

Book Parcel Service = (বুক পার্সেল সার্ভিস): Bookshops can easily fulfill online orders with the help of the book parcel service.

Paperback Post = (পেপারব্যাক পোস্ট): She mailed her beloved novels to her sister using the paperback post service.

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Antonym For “Book Post”

Apart from synonyms, book post also has some antonyms which are mentioned below in sequence:

Express Mail = (এক্সপ্রেস মেইল): She chose express mail because she needed the documents delivered to the client immediately.

Priority Mail = (প্রাথমিক মেইল): The company relied on priority mail for the timely delivery of their products.

Personal exchange = (ব্যক্তিগত বিনিময়): Yesterday, we organized a personal exchange of books at the neighborhood cafe.

Direct delivery = (সরাসরি বিতরণ): The client chose to have the package directly delivered to their door.

Hand delivery = (হ্যান্ড ডেলিভারি): The store provides local clients with hand delivery service.

Direct handover = (সরাসরি হস্তান্তর): The seller set up a direct handover of the antique book to the buyer at a location.

In-person pickup = (ব্যক্তিগতভাবে উঠান): He favored in-person pickup of his ordered books from a nearby bookshop.

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