Banbeis GOV BD

Get all exclusive information regarding Banbeis gov bd from this article. Banbeis is the government agency of Bangladesh, which renders several essential services to the secondary, higher secondary, and university level institute. Also, different educational development programs are conducted by this institute.

Recently it has taken the initiative to develop the Integrated Educational Information Management System (IEIMS). If you are looking for a reliable website to know updates from Banbeis, keep yourself connected with this article till the end.

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Banbeis GOV BD

Banbeis is the only government organization of Bangladesh that is responsible for the collection, compilation, and dissemination of educational information and statistics. The institution prepares and provides different necessary information and statistics in order to perform several multidisciplinary developments in the education sector.

The government agency was established in 1977 as an associated department of MOE (Ministry of Education). Now, it is rendering all initiatives different programs in the education sector. Moreover, it conducts all education level survey programs, GIS programs for all post-primary level institutions of Bangladesh, research activities, and many more.


Many of us have queries about what is actually meant by BANBEIS. Unfortunately, most people are still unknown about the full form of this abbreviation. Anyway, the full form of BANBEIS is the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics.

Banbeis PDF

As per the announcement from the government of BD, sixth to tenth-grade students will get a unique ID. For this, all students need to complete their registration for a unique ID. Regarding this purpose, Bangladesh educational information and Statistics bureau (Banbeis) has already published an IEIMS form for unique ID on their web portal. All the students should respond to these, collect, and download the form. The form is highly available in the form of a PDF on the Banbeis official website. For your convenience, we have included this PDF. So, just click on the below and download the application form.

Student Unique Id Form PDF

Banbeis Unique ID Registration

The unique UD refers to the profile form for the school and college students. Banbeis has started a project to collect students’ information in Bangladesh. The project is running under the supervisor of Integrated Educational Information Management System (IEIMS). To get the unique ID, each student has to go through a registration process. Then, BANBEIS will provide the ID card according to the information. Anyway, many of the students are still in confusion about the right process for unique ID registration. Get in relaxed and follow our below suggested easiest steps to perform this task effectively.

  • First, download the IEIMS form from the official website of Banbeis.
  • We have already provided the link above. Download from there and print out it. Must print out is in print out on A4 size page.
  • When done, you will have to fill out the form with all your necessary information.
  • Just like start by entering your name in Bangla and English.
  • Then, carefully write Birth Certificate Number, District, Nationality, Birthplace, Religion, and many more.
  • Also, fill out all the data and make sure you are not making any mistakes there.
  • When done, submit your application to your school.
  • After completing the registration process, you have to wait for your unique ID for some days.

Unique ID Online Registration Form

Requirements of Student Unique ID (UID)

Once you have filled out the IEIMS form, you must have to collect some necessary documents before submission to the school authority. All the students should attach the documents with the completed information form. So, note down the following required documents details:

  • Two copies of passport size color photo. There must have white in the photo background. You have to write your full name and roll on the back of the photo.
  • Student’s birth certificate photocopy.
  • Photocopies of National Identity Card of your father and mother.
  • Also, photocopies of birth registration of student’s mother and father.

Banbeis Log In

Many people get into trouble by successfully logging in to the Banbeis website. For them, this section will be helpful enough. Here, we are including the official link for logging in to Banbeisgov bd. The link will surely effectively work and allow you to access the CRVS login page with ease.

  • First, visit the link
  • You will find several options on the menu bar.
  • Click on IEIMS
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Unique ID Live Server.”
  • It will redirect to the main login page.
  • Enter all the asking data accurately.
  • First, select the right user type and enter your email address to the following menu.
  • Now, enter the password.
  • Finally, click on the “Login” option.


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