Education Minister Naid
Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid warned prospective question paper leakers and rumor-mongers, especially those on social media, of stern actions against them.

He made the announcement at a national committee meeting on public examination monitoring. All the coaching centers and photocopy centers countrywide will also be under observation, he added.

On the officials of Bangladesh Government Press, where the questions are printed, he said, “We have collected all the information of officials and their family members. Everybody remains in our surveillance. None will be spared this time.”

The leakage has now become commonplace with every public exam in the last two years, including that of Secondary School Certificate (SSC), mired in allegations. Nahid also urged students and guardians not to go on wild-goose chases hearing rumors and to instead concentrate on studies.

He said punishment would be ensured under ICT Act and the Public Examinations (Offences) (Amendment) Act-1992, having fines and jail terms between three and 10 years.

Meeting sources said, each of the country’s 10 education board would get a control room with a deputy secretary in charge and phone and internet connections and information technology experts.

They will report any form of irregularity to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Further details are at the education ministry’s website.nahid

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