Top Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh

Selecting the top 13 real estate companies in Bangladesh is not the easiest task anymore as the industry has grown so much over the past few years. It’s full of competitors, and most of them are trying to provide the best deals for their clients.

You can take advantage of this scenario if you learn about the best real estate companies in Bangladesh. The following list contains exactly what you need with details.

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Top Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh

Let’s check out the top 13 real estate companies in our country below.

1. Basundhara Real Estate Company

The Basundhara Real Estate Company is probably the biggest real estate company in Bangladesh. It has over 20 huge considerations situated all across the country, and this company earned its position on top with its quality service.

2. Navana Real Estate Company

Next up, we have the Navana Real Estate Company, which was established back in 1996. Since then, this company has made its way to one of the top real estate companies in our country.

3. Building Technology & Ideas (BTI)

This real estate company has thousands of positive feedback for the excellence in their service. Customer satisfaction made Building Technology & Ideas (BTI) one of the most recognizable real estate companies in Bangladesh.

4. ABC Real Estate company

If you ask which real estate company has the most respectful and accountable business practices among all the different options on our list, then the answer would be the ABC Real Estate Company. This company is known for its trustworthy relationship with its customers, which is a great thing.

5. Amin Mohammad Lands Development Ltd

The Amin Mahound Real estate company (AMG) has been doing its business for over 20 years now and has dealt with more than 5000 projects. That made them an undeniably reliable real estate company in Bangladesh, and it deserves to be on our top 13 list without any second thoughts.

6. Rupayan Real Estate Company

Rupayan Real Estate Company is the most fast-growing real estate company in our country. It was established back in 1989, and since, it has been one of the best companies for its customers. Now, it sits on top of most real estate companies.

7. Anwar Landmark

If quality and excellence are your desire, Anwar Landmark is the perfect real estate company that can guarantee your preferred results. This company knows how to deliver quality, standards while maintaining an on-time deadline on their projects.

8. Assure Real Estate Company

The Assure Real Estate Company started its journey quite recently compared to all the other companies on our list. But it’s definitely growing super-fast. With the satisfied customers and high standard policies, they definitely deserve a spot in our top 13 list.

9. Artisan Real Estate Company

Next, we have the Artisan Real Estate Company in our country, which is considered to be one of the best real estate companies. They are true to their customers delivering the best quality work.

10. Dom-Inno Real Estate Company

Dom-Inno Real Estate Company is a fast-growing asset developing company in Bangladesh. It has dealt with over 210 projects and the number is growing as time goes on.

11. Shanta Holdings Ltd. (SHL)

Shanta Holdings Ltd. (SHL) was also established a bit later but got big really quickly. It was established in 2005, and over the past few years, it has done a fantastic job, gaining trust and respect from the real estate industry.

12. Alliance Properties

Alliance Properties was established back in 2003, and this company has become quite well recognized in the industry over the past few years. That’s because of their good market impression caused by the quality of work, standards, and commitments.

13. Nakshi Home Real Estate Company

Finally, we have the Nakshi Home Real Estate Company, which is a fantastic real estate company in Bangladesh. This company specializes in the development sector, which gives it an advantage over its competitors. Overall, it’s a great real estate company and definitely deserves to be on our list as well.

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Final Thoughts

The industry of real estate companies will only grow over time in Bangladesh. But these companies that we mentioned in our list will still dominate the industry for a very long time without any doubt.

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