SSC 2024 result

The SSC result 2024 will be published by the government of Bangladesh. The SSC examination is one of the top public examinations in our country. This year, a huge number of students participated in the SSC exam. The number of male candidates is more than the number of female candidates. It’s one of the major facts that the students are worried about the result of the SSC exam.

The SSC Exam Result is a crucial event in the lives of students, as it opens doors to further education and career opportunities. While it is a moment of anticipation and celebration for many, it is essential to remember that exam results are just one aspect of a student’s journey, and they should be supported and guided towards fulfilling their potential in various aspects of life.

SSC examination 2024 date

The SSC examination was held on the 30th of April 2024 in the country. The SSC result will be published after 2 pm. After the publication of the result, students will be able to see their results online. Students have to take every necessary thing with them to attend the exam.

ssc result date


SSC 2024 result kivabe dekhbo

Students who have participated in the SSC examination this year will get their results on 28th July. The publishing date is so important for the students. It’s already been declared by the Education Board and the Education minister. Students can know the SSC results 2024 from online and the Education board also.

SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh

How to check the SSC result 2024

The website of the Education board is the way to check the SSC results for 2024. From this website, you can check your result quickly. First, you have to visit the server ( www ) . The results are divided into four categories including individual, district, Center and institution. From any of the categories, you can check the SSC result for 2024. Search your result following the steps below

  • First Select your education type
  • From the list of the education board, select your board of education
  • Now enter your registration number and roll number
  • Select the year of passing the SSC exam
  • Now you have to prove yourself as a human
  • Now click on Submit and submit your information to get the SSC result 2024
  • You will finally get your mark sheet

The registration number of the student is very important. Every student has a registration number on their registration card. They will find it on their registration card. Students will have different registration numbers each of them. The result will not come if the blank spaces are not filled up properly. Once a student fill-up the form, they need to ensure that everything is okay. Students will not get the mark sheet before the board of education publish the result. Students will get the Gpa of their respective subjects. Web Based Result

How to get the SSC result 2024 on a mobile phone?

Students can get SSC results on their mobile phones. Students have to type SMS at this number 16222. They have to include their SSC board name, SSC roll number, and SSC and send it to the 16222 number. With a short message with information like this, you can see your result on your mobile phone quickly. Once you send a message to the 16222 number, you will get a message in return. And it will charge an amount from your balance. You will also receive a confirmation message on your number.

SSC Result 2024 by Mobile Messages

What is the grading system of the SSC result 2024?

The letter grading system is introduced by the Education board in 2024. It’s the same for the SSC and HSC examinations. The highest mark on the exam will be declared as A+. According to this system, students can get Gpa 5 on the examination.

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC Mark Distribution

Marks Within Grade Point Letter Grade
80 to 100 Mark 5.00 A+
70 to 79 Mark 4.00 A
60 to 69 Mark 3.50 A-
50 to 59 Mark 3.00 B
40 to 49 Mark 2.00 C
33 to 39 mark 1.00 D
0 to 32 Mark 0.00 F

We hope that you have gone through the entire article. A lot of people are curious about the result publishing date of the SSC exam. The Education board website is one of the top ways to check the result of an individual student. Students can quickly check their results. As soon as the SSC result 2024 is published, students will get it in hand.

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