Web Based Result Publication System

Web Based Result Publication System (eboardresults.com) for Bangladesh Education Boards. Do you know that SSC result 2024 is going to be published on 12th May? Yes, the date has already been declared by the ministry of education. On this day, all the education boards will publish web based result at a time besides the manual system.

This year total examinee from all boards was 15, 35,333. And we know that all the candidates are eagerly waiting for the result publication. As you will be in a hurry on this for your long desired result, we are here to help you with the web based result system so that you can get the result easily and quickly.

Web Based Result Publication System

As I told you earlier that all the education boards will publish SSC result on 12 May 2024. at a time on the boars’ website. Now can you imagine that how many students will wait for their result on that day and click on the website links? It’s a huge number; I mean 21, 35,333 at a time. Though all the education boards will publish the result on their own education board website, individually, it will not be easy for you to get the result. It is because all the boards’ website would get busy as all students will try for getting the result at a time.



SSC Result 2024

Here we are trying to help you so that you can get your result easily and quickly. If you want to get your result quickly and easily, you can get the result following the links given below. It will be just a matter of click.

  1. http://eboardresults.com/app/stud/
  2. http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/
  3. http://dperesult.teletalk.com.bd/dpe

eboardresults.com 2024

When you are looking for a quick and easy web based result checking system, and then eboardreults.com is the best claimer. Yes, it’s very easy to check your SSC/HSC/JSC result from eboardresults.com. What you need to do is to visit the website and just follow the instruction. There is a result checking option where you need put your board’s name and roll number. Then click on the checking option, you will find your result at your hand within seconds for the celebration. Click on eboardreults.com for your quick result.

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Bangladesh Education System

Do you have a clear idea about the education system of Bangladesh? It is divided into four levels- Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Secondary Education and Tertiary education or Higher Education. All these levels are run by the ministry of education and Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Bangladesh. And the result is based on GPA out of 5 in primary, secondary and higher secondary but in tertiary education it is out of 4.

This year SSC Exam was held on delay deu to Covid -19. So, the SSC result will be published within 35 days, said Education Minister, Dipu Moni. Now, SSC studnts are eagerly waiting for the result. If the SSC Exam time is to be followed then the board is expected to announce the result at this time.

Primary Education

The primary education of Bangladesh is run by the Ministry of primary and Mass Education. The period of primary education in Bangladesh is 5 years, I mean a student has to attend in primary education from class one to class five. And after completion of class 5, a student has to attend the Primary School Certification (PSC) for stepping to the secondary level.

Secondary Education (SSC)

The secondary education in Bangladesh comprises with the class six to ten. This section is divided into two parts. Junior secondary education which is from class six to eight and class nine to SSC is called the secondary education. Within this period, a student has to attend two public exams. One is JSC after completing his or her class eight education and SSC after completion class ten. With the SSC public exam, a student gets the right to get admitted into higher secondary level. This secondary education is run by the ministry of education Bangladesh and individual education boards.

HSC Result MarkSheet 2024

Higher Secondary Education (HSC)

Higher Secondary Education is from class 11 to 12. After passing secondary education SSC, a student gets admitted into a college for completing his or her higher secondary education HSC. After 2 years course completion, a student has to attend a public exam known as HSC exam. With this process, the students are qualified for higher education in Bangladesh. And Higher Secondary Education is also run by the ministry of education and individual education board.

Higher Education or Tertiary Education

After passing Higher Secondary Education in Bangladesh, a student gets the opportunity for higher education. Higher education or tertiary education in Bangladesh is provided by two categories institutions- Public University or Private University and Colleges affiliated by the National University of Bangladesh. Here a student has to complete a 4 years graduation course and the result is based on GPA out of 4. After completing graduation, the students need to complete M.A or MSC. And the higher education is also run by the ministry of education, Bangladesh. JSC Result 2024

Final Word

Hope, now you are well educated about the web based result system in Bangladesh or Bangladesh Education System after reading the article. Am I right? Yeah, absolutely now you know the best way of the web based result system. Just wait for the day of result publication and visit eboardresults.com after the result’s declaration. Certainly you will get result quickly. And then celebrate your result early than your friends.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.