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We all are well aware that all of the class 9 students are busy with the weekly home assignment tasks. Your 5th week assignment tasks have been published on the official website of the directorate of secondary and higher secondary education. So students who are studying class 9 are looking for help regarding writing an application to your headteacher to arrange safe drinking water for the students. In this article, we have provided an application format by following which you can complete your assignment.

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Suppose, you are Lima/Limon. You are a student of class nine in Sreepur Kumaria High School, Sreepur. In your school, you don’t have any supply of safe drinking water. Now, write an application to your Headteacher to arrange safe drinking water for the students.

Application Format for Writing an Application to Your Headteacher to Arrange Safe Drinking Water for the Students

Safe drinking water is a vital necessity in our daily lives. But the sad thing is that many of us do not get safe drinking water in many areas of our country. A large number of people all over the country suffer from a lack of safe drinking water. Especially, there are many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions that are unable to provide pure water to their students. Considering the fact, we have provided a sample below of an application so that students can write it to the headteachers or concerned authority:

26 November 2024


The Headteacher

Sreepur Kumaria High School


Subject: Application for providing safe drinking water. 

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I would like to share my thoughts that students and teachers of our school are going through problems regarding safe drinking water on the school premises. The water we all are consuming at the school is not pure and safe to use. The water supply condition is not proper. As a result, many of us are suffering from some stomach problems.

Recently, we had a water quality test in our school and the result of which was not satisfactory in terms of water purity. You are very much aware that water is an essential constituent of our lives. We are now in a dire necessity of pure water in our school.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take the required steps to arrange safe drinking water for the students and teachers. We all will be very much grateful for your act of kindness.

Yours Sincerely –


On behalf of the students of

Sreepur Kumaria High School, Sreepur.

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We hope that our provided application format for writing an application to your Headteacher to arrange safe drinking water for the students will help you a lot in your assignment task completion. We have used simple words and sentences so that you all can understand everything very easily. We wish you all the best with your assignment tasks.

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