Primary School Teacher Pay Scale

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What is the issue of Bangladesh National Salary Scale?

Bangladesh National Pay Scale is just a system of salary grades for government employees in Bangladesh. Although it was introduced since 1973 and since then it has been revised several times to its current stage.

The current National Pay Scale is the 8th pay scale which was implemented from the year 2015.

A basic pay range is fixed for various grades of government employees through the National Pay Scale. Basically this basic salary is the primary starting point for calculating an employee’s overall salary and includes allowances and other benefits.

The basic pay within the national pay scale was pegged at BDT 8,250 as minimum and BDT 78,000 as maximum. Apart from this, an increment system was also fixed here for government employees.

Annual increments are paid depending on the performance of an employee. However, the amount of increment depends on the employee’s grade and performance.

Although earlier Primary School Teachers Pay Scale 2019 is going to change after a few months.

According to sources from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, this proposal was sent to the Ministry of Public Administration and Finance in the last 12 months.

Bangladesh Government Primary School Teachers Salary 2024:

Salary Scale for Primary School Teachers 2024 is published on official website However, in view of the new salary of primary school teachers 2024/2024, the salary of head teachers is in the process of being increased to 11th grade (basic 12,000 BDT). Actually the demand was 11th grade for assistant teachers and 10th grade for head teachers.

And the salary of assistant teachers will be enhanced to 13th grade (basic 11,000 BDT) from the new salary range.

Bangladesh National Pay Scale Grade 2024 BDT:

Basically the grade basic pay of this pay scale is BDT.

1st grade 78,000, 2nd grade 1, 3rd grade 56,000, 4th grade 5, 5th grade 43,000, 6th grade 35,500, 7th grade 29,000, 8th grade 23,000, 9th grade 22,000 (BCS cadre), 10th grade 16,000 and 11 12,000 in th grade.

Pay Scale Grade Basic Salary in BDT
1st Grade 78,000
2nd Grade 66,000
3rd Grade 56,000
4th Grade 50,000
5th Grade 43,000
6th Grade 35,500
7th Grade 29,000
8th Grade 23,000
9th Grade 22,000 BCS Cadre
10th Grade 16,000
11th Grade 12,000
12th Grade 11,300 Primary Head Master According to 2015 pay scale
13th Grade 11,000 (New Primary Assistant Teacher)
14th Grade 10,200
15th Grade 9,700 for Assistant teacher according to 2015 pay scale
16 9,300
17 9,000
18 8,800
19 8,500
20 8,250

11,300 for Primary Head Teachers in Grade 12 as per Pay Scale 2015:

11,000 for 13th grade (new primary assistant teacher) and 10,200 for 14th grade.

9,700 for Assistant Teachers 15th Grade as per Pay Scale 2015:

16 9,300. 17 9,000. 18 8,800. 19 8,500 and 20 8,250.

National Pay Scale 2024 for Assistant Teachers in Government Primary Schools:

Government of Bangladesh in National Pay Scale 2024 for Primary School Assistant Teachers has fixed them in higher pay scale under Grade 13. Earlier this pay scale was under Grade 15 of National Pay Scale in 2015.

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