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Acceptance of online transfer applications for government primary school teachers will begin. Assistant teachers can apply online for transfer within the same upazila. The matter has been informed to the district primary and upazila education officers from the Directorate of Primary Education. Know about myschool eis dpe gov bd login from this article.

According to the conditions given by the department, teachers can give maximum three school choices. However, if a teacher does not have multiple choices, only one or two school choices may be given. No application for cancellation of the order of transfer issued in pursuance of the application shall be entertained.

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The transfer application process will start from 15 September to 6 October. Teachers can apply for transfer through the official website. The result will be published on the website of the Department of Primary Education within a week. On the first page you have to log in with the required information.

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Scrutiny Officers have been asked to verify the applicant’s application and other documents and forward them as per the revised integrated online transfer guidelines. The department has asked the officials to be careful in the verification, it has also been informed that the request for reconsideration will not be accepted after the verification..

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Essential Steps for Myschool EIS DPE Gov BD Login

  • Steps to Fill Online Application Form > User Type > Now you have to enter designation like Assistant Teacher/ Head Teacher/ Assistant Upazila Education Officer/ Upazila Education Officer/ District Primary Education Officer/ Divisional Deputy Director/ Director General.
  • Teacher PIN number (obtained from e-primary) or mobile number (used in e-primary school system) must be entered correctly and click on “Login” button to enter the next step.
  • Clicking on the login button will show the details of the teacher registered in the ‘E-Primary School System’ (Teacher’s Name, Permanent Address, Designation, Date of Joining, Date of Arrival on Transfer to the currently working educational institution, number of sanctioned posts in the working institution, number of students) in the next step.
  • If the information is correct, click on the button to proceed to the next step (if the information is incorrect, it must be updated from the e-primary system). The next step/page is to specify the type of transfer.
  • Here you need to select the type of transformation. Transfer application within the same upazila/ police station or inter upazila/ police station or inter district transfer application or inter divisional transfer application or city corporation transfer application.
  • The type of transfer basically refers to where you want to transfer. In this case one can apply for transfer from one school to another school in the same police station/upazila, inter police station/upazila, inter district, inter division and city corporation.
  • Finally, select the type of transfer. After submitting the application, the transfer request will be visible in your profile. Government primary schools start the transfer process of teachers from January-March every year. Due to which the teachers of different districts staged dharnas up to the Ministry of bribery, corruption and harassment.

In many cases unqualified persons get chance over qualified candidates in transfer. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is going to start online transfer program to solve this long-standing problem.


According to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, the assistant teacher transfer program of government primary schools has been made online from the 2021 academic year. Various changes are being made in this recruitment process. Among them, a teacher can apply for transfer to multiple schools by selecting the option online.

The application will first go to the Assistant Police Station Education Officer. If the field officer does not write a recommendation or comment on the application after three days, his authority will be automatically blocked and transferred to the superior officer. This will go up to the Director General of the Department of Primary Education. This will stop harassment and recruitment of teachers. Teachers will be transferred on the basis of seniority.

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