Muktopaath Online Certificate Course

The government of Bangladesh is working to make it a digital country. The government have taken every single step to turn it into a digital country. Initiatives have been taken to conduct every aspect of the country with technology. People have increased using more advanced technologies in their life. People are using a computer and the internet at every stage of their life. For making people skilled and use the latest technology, the government have increased using the internet and computer. The government have implemented the muktopaath online certificate course. Muktopaath online certificate course is one of the latest initiative.

The muktopaath is one of the online courses that is implemented by the information and technology sector of the country. It’s a unique learning platform for Bangla professionals. People can develop their skills in multiple sectors. The course focuses on to use of technology in a wide context.

What is Muktopaath online certificate course ?

Muktopaath is the largest platform in the country for online learning. The courses are affordable and learning materials are accessible. The users can learn spontaneously. It was introduced in collaboration with the Directorate general citizens of the country. The platform has more participants around 2.29 lakh. The participants will complete the course successfully. The course aims to ensure smooth operational activities for the training session online. The participants will be attending the live session and lessons. Participants can download the certificate directly online.

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Muktopaath has signed MoU with the government training institutes and organizations to reach 1.1 million learners. Both the learners and trainers can access both the online and offline content. The contents can be retrieved from the memory cards when they find it comfortable. It’s one of the online courses that is highly rated. Participants can take part in the website and educate themselves.

What are the objectives of the muktopaath online certificate course?

Muktopaath is a skill-based training and development course. Citizens will be greatly benefited from this course. Let’s see the objectives of this course :

  • You will learn the primary ideas and necessities of digital safety.
  • You can use email safely
  • You can use social media platforms safely
  • You can carefully use smartphones and apps
  • You can take primary initiatives for cyber crime
  • You can stay safe from using several viruses and website
  • To make the teachers prepared to teach students according to the national education curriculum

Muktopaath Gov Bd Online Certificate Course

From the academic year 2024, secondary-level schools, madrassas, technical educational institutes, and primary schools which teach primary school grades VI to VIII are going to start teaching activities according to the curriculum and textbooks designed in the light of the National Curriculum Framework. (মানসিক স্বাস্থ্যসেবা) (জাতীয় শিক্ষাক্রম রূপরেখা ২০২১ অনলাইন প্রশিক্ষণ) (DSHE Online Training) (Math) (Science) (History and Social Sciences) (Life and livelihood) (DSHE Math) (English) (Bangla) (Digital technology)

What can I do on the free course?

There are a lot of people using Muktopaath gov bd course details and trying to be self-employed. Users of ‘freeway’ are teachers, students, youth, working people, migrant workers, migrant workers or housewives. Also for general, technical and vocational education and foreign workers. More courses are in progress.

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