MPO Online Application

Many of you are looking for the procedure of MPO online application. Actually, the word MPO means monthly pay order. This is a pay order through which teachers and employees of schools, colleges, madrasahs, and technical education institutions of MPO authorized. In this article, we are going to discuss the MPO related details and MPO online application procedure. So let us now get started here.

What is the MPO Online Application?

Online MPO is the digital version of MPO entry. So MPO online application is the digital system of applying for MPO. When a teacher is recruited in an MPO registered school, college, or institution, the online application for receiving his or her salary and allowance is the online MPO.

Earlier, teachers needed to apply in person at the Department of Secondary and Higher Education in order to get salary and allowance. But now they can apply online for the same task with the required papers from one’s own institution.

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Where to Submit the MPO Online Application?

You need to submit the MPO Online Application to the website of the Education Management Information System (EMIS). It is an institution under the Ministry of Education. With your required documents, you will be able to apply for your MPO through the official site of EMIS- In the next section, you will get to know how to apply for the MPO online application.

How to Apply for the MPO Online Application?

Applying for the MPO online Application is not that much tough job. You can easily apply for the MPO. To apply for this, you need to follow some steps one by one. Before you apply for the MPO as a new teacher or employee, you need to register in EMIS Cell. To register for the new MPO entry, you have to click on the link on the EMIS Online Registration page at

Documents You Need to Apply for the MPO Online Application

To apply for MPO online application, you will need your photo, national identity card, mobile number, all certificates of educational qualifications, etc. In addition to all these, you will also need all the relevant resolutions including paper cutting, merit list of teacher recruitment examination, appointment and joining letter, necessary documents including the results of the board examination of the institution.

You have to scan the required documents in a computer scanner and save them in the appropriate format. When you fill-up the MPO online application form for MPO registration, you have to attach the scanned copies of the mentioned documents in the appropriate place. If you want to know more about this, you can contact the concerned Upazila Secondary Education Officer.

Login Process of the Head of the Institution for MPO Online Application

To apply for the MPO Online Application, the head of the organization must first visit the homepage of the official website of EMIS- After that, you need to click on the login link in the navigation menu. You can also do this by copying the address and paste it into your internet browser’s address bar.

When the EMIS sign-in page appears, you will see two boxes. One is the Username and another one is Password. If you are the head of any MPO registered institution, you will have to collect the initial password from the respective area directors (in the case of colleges) and the respective district education officers (in the case of schools). The username will be the EIIN number of the concerned organization.

Now you have to sign in with your username and password. If the sign-in is successful, you will see a dashboard applicable for that organization. Note that the teacher or employee who will apply for MPO registration here, he or she must be registered in the EMIS Cell in advance.

MPO Teachers Salary

Teachers of educational institutions under the government monthly pay order (MPO) will get salaries and other benefits under the new pay scale announced for the public servants, the education minister said on Sunday.

On 7 September, the cabinet approved the new pay scale for government officers and employees raising the monthly basic salary of the grade 1 public officials to Tk 78,000 (fixed) while the basic pay of grade 20 employees at Tk 8,250.

MPO Nitimala 2024

Manpower Structure and MPO Policy of Private Educational Institutions (Schools and Colleges), 2024. New MPO Nitimala or MPO Policy will be available here.

The amendment of manpower structure and MPO policy of government educational institutions (schools and colleges) is in the final stage. The MPO Nitimala 2024 will be finalized soon. The government will take step to improve the quality of education and the welfare of teachers and staff. That’s why, initiatives have been taken to amend the policy.

বেসরকারি শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠান (স্কুল ও কলেজ) এর জনবল কাঠামো ও এম.পি.ও নীতিমালা, ২০১৮

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