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National University Honours Admission Subject and Seat Number. National University Honours College wise Seat Number and Admission Subject declared here. Check your expected college Subject and Seat Number from below.

National University Honours Admission Seat Number

National University Honours Admission Subject and Seat Number. National University Honours subject wise seat number and its list for Different Colleges under NU, Gazipur. There is total 123 Colleges in Bangladesh those Controlled by National University, Gazipur. National University has 3 Groups in Honours, Such as- Science, Humanities and Business Studies Faculty. National University Honours subject wise seat number is available at our website

National University Honours Admission Circular

National University Total Amount of Seat

Total 3,91,055 seats of National University affiliated colleges Follow the National University Honors Admission circular 2021-22, to know the eligibility of seat-based admission in selected subjects in Honors 1st year (Honors) category.

Dhaka Mohanagar Division 43,004 seats
Dhaka Division (except Dhaka Mohanagar) 50,595 seats
Barishal Division 13, 325 seats
Chittagong Division 29,266 seats
Sylhet Division 7,695 seats
 Khulna Division 39,675 seats
Rajshahi Division 55,085 seats

Number of seats indifferent colleges is given below:

Eden Mohila College

There are total 2480 seats in Humanities Group, 1175 seats in Science Group and 1030 seats in Commerce Group in Eden Mohila College.

Humanities Group:

Bangle- 230, English- 300, History- 240, Islamic History- 240, Philosophy- 190, Islamic Studies- 140, Political Science- 300, Social Science- 280, Economics- 290, Social Work- 270

Science Group:

Physics- 125, Chemistry- 125, Mathematics- 200, Botany- 150, Zoology- 150, Geography- 165, Psychology- 140, Home Economics- 120

Commerce Group:

Accounting- 330, Management- 320, Finance- 190, Marketing- 190

Dhaka College

There are total 1825 in Humanities Group, 965 in Science Group and 600 in Commerce Group in Dhaka College.

Humanities Group:

Bangle- 200, English- 240, History- 225, Islamic History- 130, Philosophy- 180, Islamic Studies- 100, Political Science- 265, Social Science- 250, Economics- 235

Science Group:

Physics- 120, Chemistry- 120, Mathematics- 210, Statistics- 140, Botany- 125, Zoology- 125, Geography- 125

Commerce Group:

Accounting- 300, Management- 300

Govt. Bangla College

There are total 1015 in Humanities Group, 480 in Science Group and 500 in Commerce Group in Govt. Bangla College.

Humanities Group:

Bangle- 200, English- 180, Islamic History- 100, Islamic Studies- 90, Political Science- 220, Economics- 95, Social Work- 130

Science Group:

Physics- 70, Chemistry- 90, Mathematics- 120, Botany- 70, Zoology- 80, Soil Science- 50

Commerce Group:

Accounting- 250, Management- 250

Dhaka City College

There are total 250 seats in Humanities Group and 890 seats in Commerce Group in Dhaka City College.

Humanities Group:

English- 200, Economics- 50

Commerce Group:

Accounting- 230, Management- 200, Marketing- 230, Finance- 230

Chittagong College

There are total 1690 in Humanities Group and 941 in Science Group at Chittagong College.

Humanities Group:

Bangle- 170, English- 210, History- 210, Islamic History- 210, Philosophy- 160, Islamic Studies- 75, Political Science- 215, Social Science- 220, Economics- 220

Science Group:

Physics- 90, Chemistry- 110, Mathematics- 167, Statics- 120, Botany- 112, Zoology- 112, Geography- 120, Psychology- 110

NU All College Admission Subject and Seat Number

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