Master Noipunno GOV BD

Bangladesh government has taken various initiatives to improve education among which Noipunno app is one of them. You already know that the curriculum of 6th and 7th class has changed. But many people have questions about how to use it. So, it is necessary for everyone to know how to master noipunno gov bd login and registration system.

A notice has already been published by the government about the guidelines for using this app. This notice provides useful guidelines regarding the use of noipunno gov bd. Hopefully, students and parents will get to know everything related to registration and login to the app from this guide.

About Noipunno GOV BD

The Noipunno app is primarily developed to facilitate the storage of learning and summative assessment data and automatic preparation of report cards in the assessment system introduced in class VI and VII. The app has been developed by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board and has been launched since November 4.

The board has developed this app so that the students do not face any complicated situation with the new curriculum. To use it students must first register here and then follow the proper login process. The government has issued a written instruction so that the students do not face any trouble in completing these processes.

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Noipunno GOV BD Registration

You must follow the guidelines given by the government while registering on Noipunno app. Every secondary educational institution has to complete the registration process as per the same rules.


Noipunno GOV BD Login

Noipunno has multiple ways for you to login as not all schools have EIIN yet. So, schools that have EIIN must have separate login process. At this stage you will know about both ways.

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Noipunno App Download

‘Naipunya’ app has been launched to make learning and summative assessment of students easy and error-free. The web version of the app was launched yesterday. By November 8, all the educational institutions have to register with the necessary information in this app.

This year, the Naipunya app will only assess the new curriculum introduced in classes Six and Seven .

From 2024 this app will be evaluated in seven classes. The guidelines specify how educational institutions will select login, branch, shift, teacher, student, subject teacher using the web version of Naipunnya App.

Schools with EIIN:

Schools that do not hold an EIIN have slightly different login procedures. However, it can be easily done by following just a few steps. But if you miss any step you will fail to do it. Below are the steps sequentially.

  • First open internet browser from your device.
  • Enter in the URL bar and search.
  • Now enter the ‘User ID’ and ‘PIN’ sent during registration to the mobile number of the head of the organization and proceed.
  • If you are logging in for the first time, change the previous ‘PIN’ number and set a new one.

Registration and Login Process of Schools without EIIN:

For schools that do not have an EIIN, you must go through a different process of registration. Below is the procedure with few steps:

  • First, open an internet browser on your device and type the address in the search bar.
  • Click on the login page where there is a registration option.
  • Now a registration form will appear in front of you.
  • Submit the required information in the form, it will reach the concerned upazila secondary education office email of the institution.
  • A ‘User ID’ and ‘PIN’ number will be sent to the mobile number of the head of the institution after the form is approved by the Upazila Secondary Education Office.
  • This account can be logged in using this ‘User ID’ and ‘PIN’ number.
  • You can change this pin number with your preferred one.


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What to do After Login in Noipunno App?

Upon registering and logging in, the Noipunno app’s home page will display seven school-related management. The ‘Management’ tab’s drop-down menu also displays the management. These managements ought to be carried out using the organization’s head’s ID.

Branch Management: Click on the option to add details about the organization’s “Branch,” then choose the branch head’s name to establish the branch.

Shift Management: From the menu, select the ‘Shift Management’ option. Enter the organization’s shift information, schedule, and branch selection in the “Shift Management” section.

Version Management: By selecting the ‘Version Management’ option from the menu, you can create an English or Bengali version based on the branch.

Add Section: Select ‘Add Section’ from the menu by clicking on it. Finish creating the section by adding the necessary details.

Teacher Management: Select the teacher information from the list on the right side and update by adding the teacher if the teacher has a “PDS ID.”

Student Management: To add students individually by section, go to this option and choose from the list of required information.

Subject Teacher Selection: Choose ‘Subject Teacher’ for every subject after that. Click ‘Save Data’ once everything has been selected.

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