Jamuka GOV BD

All the exclusive information related to Jamuka Gov BD is highly available throughout this article. The government of Bangladesh is working on scrutinizing and listing the real freedom fighters of the liberation war. All the services are preciously performed by the Jamuka. For this, the Government of Bangladesh operates the official website. To get far more information regarding this website, go through our comprehensive, exclusive article.

Jamuka Gov BD

It is the official website for the national freedom fighter of Bangladesh. Jamuaka is basically a national freedom fighter council of Bangladesh. The council is highly responsible for the welfare of freedom fighters. Also, it maintains the list of the Mukti Bahini members of our country.

The main purpose of establishing this council is providing all welfare activities for those who fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. Also, it was formed under the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. The government launched the official website, thus all people can able to check out all the important topics and updates on freedom fighters conveniently from this website.

Jatiya Muktijoddha Council provides several essential services through this website. Moreover, as it is a government website, thus there is a complete authentication guarantee for all information. One can conveniently check out the notice and gadget or fill out the forms for various tasks on this website.

www.jamuka.gov.bd Notice 2024

The best part of this website is that one can get all the important updates and notices provided by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs on this website. There features a specific page just for providing the essential notices to the general mass. So, you can easily check out the notice board and finds out all the notices in one place.

Another best thing about the jamuka.gov.bd website is you are getting the notices in PDF format, which is completely allowed to download as your preferences. So, you can conveniently download any notice on your device and check it out whenever you want.

To get all the notice information on this site, just go to the Jamuka GOV BD homage, and you will find the Notice option there. Click on this, and it will redirect you to the notice board, where you will get all the notice information about what do you want. Also, we are assigning all the update notice for your convenience. You can check it from below as well.

www.jamuka.gov.bd Application Form

From this website, ye can apply for any services of there. The website features a page of Forms, where anyone can apply to use these services. For this, follow our below-assembled steps:

  • First, visit http://www.jamuka.gov.bd/site/view/forms/-
  • It will direct you to the form page of Jamuka. You will find up to 15 types of application forms for various purposes related to the listing for freedom fighters.
  • Go through the complete page and find out the form on which you want to apply.
  • Then, click on this.
  • In the next window, you will see your chosen form in PDF format.
  • Download and print the form. After that, fill out all necessary information there.
  • Then, submit the form to the Jamuka office.

Jamuka New List 2024

After submission of the application, the Ministry of Liberation War will work on it and verify whether you are applicable for that listing. After verification, it will provide the sorted list on the website. Then, you’ll receive updates on your application. If you are wondering about how to check out the list, then follow the below processes:

  • First of all, visit http://www.jamuka.gov.bd/.
  • Scroll down and find out the “Freedom Fighter Verification-sorting” option.
  • Once you have found that, click one “Upazilawari List.”
  • In the following window, you can see the complete list of the freedom fighters under several districts and Upazilla.
  • Find out your Upazila name from where you have applied.
  • Click on this, and a PDF will open in front of you. Here, you will find the recently updated list. Check out your Name there.

Jamuka Gazette Correction

A Gazette is basically a regular publication by the government of Bangladesh where all the announcements related to public services are published. JatiyoMuktijoddha Council (Jamuka) also issued freedom fighter gazettes periodically with all updated announcements. Through these gazettes, one will find out all the information regarding issuing a list of real freedom fighters. So, to get updated on all the newly announced gazettes, keep connected with the official website of Jamuka.

Jamuka Khobor

On Jamuka GOV BD, you will find all the latest news published by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs of Bangladesh. In order to check out the news from the JatiyoMuktijoddha Council, you have toclick on the below link.



Here, we have given our level best to assign the detailed guide of the website of Jamuka Gov BD. Hopefully, all have reached enough informative to you. Keep yourself connected to our website to get updates on this article.

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