HSC Result GPA 5

In this article you will know How many students got GPA-5 in HSC result 2024. The results of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations of 2024 have been published. Candidates can get their results online or through SMS, board officials said.

To get the results under general boards through SMS, candidates have to type HSC, the first three letters of the board name, followed by the candidate’s roll number and the year, and send it to 16222.

For example, a candidate who sat for the exams under the Dhaka board with a roll number of ‘123456’ will have to send: HSC(space)Dha(space)123456(space)2024 and send the SMS to 16222.

HSC Result 2024

HSC examination Overview

Students participated HSC exam 1,35,7915
Passed Students 1,06,7852
Male Students 5,28,919
Female 5,38,933 are

HSC Result MarkSheet

How many students got GPA-5 in hsc result 2024

The pass rate is 80.57% in female students and 76.76% in male students.

92,595 Students got GPA-5 in higher secondary and equivalent exams this time. which was 1 Lakh 76 thousand 282 last year.

Faculty Number of students got GPA 5
How many students got GPA-5 in hsc result 2024

HSC Board Result 2024

This year average passing rate is 78.64%, which was 85.95% last year. . The pass rate in individual board as follows:

Board Name




Comilla Board 75.34% 90.72% 65.42%
Dinajpur Board 70.44% 79.06% 60. 21%
Chittagong  Board 73.81% 78.76% 62.73%
Rajshahi Board 78.45% 81.51% 66.51%
Sylhet Board 73.07% 81.40% 62 .11%
Barishal Board 80.65% 86.95% 70.55%
Jessore Board 69.88% 83.95% 60.40%
Dhaka Board 79.44% 87.8% 66.13%
Vocational Board 91.25% 91.20% 75.50%
Maddrasa Board 90.75% 92.56% 78.67%
Mymensingh board 70.44% 80.32%
Overall pass rate 78.64% 85.95% 66.68%

How many students got GPA-5 in hsc result 2024 board wise

Education boards Number of students got GPA 5
Dhaka Board 31,752
Dinajpur Board 6,459
Barishal Board 3,993
Chittagong Board 6,339
Sylhet Board 1,699
Rajshahi Board 11,258
Kumilla Board 5,655
Jessore Board 8,122
Mymensingh Board 3,224
Madrasha Board 7,097
Technical Board 8,122
How many students got GPA-5 in hsc result 2024 board wise

N.B. We will fill the above data after publishing HSC result 2024.

Additionally, the announcement revealed that 7,097 students attained a GPA-5 under the madrasah education board, while 8,122 achieved the same under the technical education board in the recent examinations.

The overall pass rate for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent exams nationwide stood at an impressive 78.64% percent. Breaking it down further, the pass rates for HSC exams, madrasa exams, and vocational exams were reported at 84.31 percent, 90.75 percent, and 91.25 percent, respectively.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially disclosed the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exams on Wednesday. Subsequently, the chairmen of the 11 education boards, comprising nine general boards, one madrasah education board, and one technical education board, presented their respective board results to the Prime Minister.

The result handover function was overseen by Suleman Khan, Secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Division. Educational institutions have been granted access to download result sheets from the www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd website by utilizing EIIN.

Results can also be obtained by visiting www.educationboardresults.gov.bd and entering the roll number and registration number. Additionally, students can receive their results via SMS by sending a message to 16222. To do so, they need to write the first three letters of the board’s name, followed by the roll number, and the year (e.g., HSC Dha 123456 2024).

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