HSC Practical

HSC is the Higher Secondary Certificate. It is held every year and a lot of students from Bangladesh take part in them. All the students go through tough tests that test the knowledge that they have gathered throughout the journey of their education. One part of that exam is the HSC Practical. This is mandatory for some of the subjects involved in the examination. In this article, we will discuss everything about the practical.

HSC 2024 Practical Syllabus PDF

The HSC 2024 syllabus is quite the big one to cover. But the HSC practical syllabus is quite declarative in what you should be studying. Though it is very specific, it is not very small. You still have a lot of things to cover. A lot of practical experiment books to write and manage. And depending on the subjects it can be a lot.

The HCS practical syllabus was announced quite a while ago. Please keep an eye on our website to see the full syllabus and download the PDF. Go through the PDF and make sure that you have every topic covered. This will only help you down the road.


HSC Physics Practical 2024

Physics can be called one of the core subjects for students of science in HSC. They learn how all the small things in this universe works through studying physics. And physics is a subject we can witness in our day-to-day life as it is a part of our reality so we get to see physics at play every day. And hence it is comparatively more visual than the other subjects.

Also it is more practical and hands-on. The physics practical consists of the use of vernier scale and measuring the pull of springs and more. This can be a highly entertaining and fun subject. Again to know the full syllabus of physics visit our site and download the PDF.

HSC Chemistry Practical 2024

For a lot of the students, chemistry can be a daunting subject as in HSC the subject takes quite a big leap from its roots. So some students get a bit scared and flustered but it is nothing to be scared about. You need just a little bit of discipline and a little hard work and it becomes the same as all the other subjects. So just go through the books and the concepts will be clear to you.

The practical things are the most fun to do as some experiments can be very visually amazing. Playing with all the chemicals and whatnot. Really makes you feel like a chemist. In the practical, you will be assigned to perform one of the previously learned experiments and show results, and document them. Also, you have to submit your experiment book which is a must.

HSC Biology Practical 2024

Students who want to pursue a career in medical school need to take biology in their curriculum. All the students must be very attentive and serious about their biology studies. As in HSC, the core foundation of biology is taught to the students. Biology is the study of every living thing. So you can say we are studying ourselves too. By studying biology we get to understand how the human body works at a very lower level.

We get to understand how intricate the human body is and how all the components work together to make a functioning human. Most of the practical are cell-related. Some are about dissecting different animals like cockroaches and fish or a toad. You have to perform one of those in your exams. Also, be prepared to submit your experiment book.

HSC Higher Math Practical 2024

Higher math is the subject a lot of the students are afraid to take. This is because even the name sounds daunting. But this is a must-have subject if you are to study engineering. No matter what you do you are going to need the topic of higher math in your engineering studies. SO pay extra attention to your higher math exam. In the higher math practice exam, you are instructed to go through a scientific calculator and find solutions to different problems using the calculator.

Also always use the specific calculator suggested. Do not use any model that is not allowed. It is subject to strict punishment even your exam might get cancelled. Also, make sure you have your experiment book all ready to go.

HSC Practical 2024 Question

All the subjects related to HSC practical have their questions solved on our website. You can go through all of them and find out the ones you need. All the answers are in PDF format so it is compatible with all devices.

HSC Practical Book PDF

If you want to download the PDF book of your HSC practical, you can do that by clicking on the link we have provided here on our website. So to download the HSC practical book PDF, you need to click on the link here.

Biology 1st and 2nd Practical Book by Gazi Azmol Download 
Biology 1st and 2nd Practical Book Download 
Chemistry 1st and 2nd Practical Book Download
Physics 1st and 2nd Practical Book Download
Higher Math 2nd Practical Book Download

HSC Practical Khata 2024

The HSC practical exams will mark the end of HSC. Also, it will greatly determine your grades. So take the practical seriously. And prepare everything beforehand. Best of luck with your exams and have a great vacation after the exam.

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