HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion

Welcome to the HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion and question patterns 2024. As we mention in previous article that we will come back with the HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion for you guys. Today’s talk will be divided in two sections which is Part-A: Grammar and Part-B: Composition. So don’t miss to share this article with your friends. Before starting to go through let me tell one more thing that English is little difficult to make a good result in it. So, without having a good and skillful preparation it will be almost impossible to have good marks. I am sure that you guys already understood the importance the HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion. Not extending my talk let’s starts HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion.

HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion (Part-A: Grammar)

Listen carefully guys this grammar part plays very important role in HSC 2nd part because you know most of the numbers of exam is in this part. Obviously we will give more importance this part in HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion. Total 60 marks you need to answer from this part. An interesting thing is that it’s little easy to get marks from this part also if you go technically and we hope it will be lot more easier  if you follow HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion.

NUMBER – 1 [Article (a/an/the)]: 

Okay let’s talk about the first grammar which is Article (a/an/the). Blindly memorizing question will never make you common article in exam. On the other hand of you follow the rules of article and solve some question, I recognize that you get at least 3-4 marks out of 5.

NUMBER – 2 [Preposition (on,in,to,…)]:

Second one in the HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion list is Preposition (on,in,to,…). Preposition is another easy grammar. Same techniques for this grammar are not to learn by heart the solution of questions. Just memorize the rules of some prepositions and some appropriate preposition. After doing that just solve some question for one or two weeks. Then definitely you will get at least 3 out of 5. Our HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion article shows that after following some techniques you don’t have to follow any specific books or any other suggestions.

NUMBER – 3 [Suitable Phrase]:

Number three in the HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion list Suitable Phrase. After observing some board question we could see that many of the phrases repeat years after years. So you just need to follow those phrases. After doing that and practicing that it will make easily 2.5 least out of 5. But you will get 5 marks I wish because that works for most of the students.

NUMBER – 4 [clause]:

HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion’s number four grammar is clause needs same technique to follow because memorizing blindly no not make you common in the exam. Just follow and practice more and more. It’s mid level grammar but still you can get 2.5 to 3 out of four, you can also make 5 of 5 depends on your hard work.

We skipped Grammar number 5 (CORRECT FORM OF THE VERBES) and we will discuss about it later.

NUMBER – 6 [Change the sentence in direct]:

Change the sentence in direct is another easy grammar. In HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion we observed that every year thousands of students gets full marks in this grammar section cause it’s easy. But if still you are not good at this then the suggestion of HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion will be to quickly learn rules of Change direct sentence. Grammar number six in HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion.

NUMBER – 7 [Narration]:

Narration in the 7th grammar of HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion list. It’s a little bit tough to get mark on it.

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But don’t worry because HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion is here. There are 4 charts for this grammar one is subject’s chart, person’s chart, verb’s chart, adverb’s chart. So, if you just memorize the chart and practice hard in board’s question surely you can get 4 out of 5

NUMBER – 8 [Pronoun]:

HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion has Unclear Pronoun Grammar in the 8th at the list. It’s easy but you have to understand the question and need to have a good sentence power. One way to make a good mark is to practice more and more by understanding not just learn by heart blindly.

NUMBER – 9 [Punctuation mark]:

For Punctuation mark just practice is the only advice. Because it’s the only way to get a good mark  

Grammar Number [ 5 + 10 + 11 ] :

Look some grammars are hard to take marks because only following rules and some practice will not goanna work for this. It needs all the grammatical skills like right form of the verbs, vocabulary skills etc. So, you guys need practice last 10 year’s board question and also the reputed college’s question.

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HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion (Part-B: Composition)

This part has no actual skillful question. It Contains Total 40 Marks. You just need to memorize the Application, Paragraph, report and essay. Following grammar books will be the suggestion for the candidates. HSC English 2nd paper Suggestion tries to help candidates to make a good result.  Now we can move on to the question patterns.

HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2024 for Writing Section

Application writing

1. Increasing Multimedia Facilities

2. Study tour

3. Not using the cell phone

4. Setup the College hostel, English language club, Debating club/lab, college Canteen, computer club, common room

5. Provide a sound system

6. Admission procedure

7. Principal to stage drama

8. Repairing damage road

Report writing

1. The prize giving ceremony

2. Failure in English

3. Food adulteration

4. Slum dwellers

5. Victory day

6. Corruption

7. Drugs addiction

8. Rohingya’s relief camp

9. Book fair

10. Garments factory

Paragraph writing

1. Mobile phone

2. Globalization

3. College library

4. Global warming

5. Rural life and city

6. Internet

7. Favorite person

8. Learning English

Composition writing

1. Student and social service

2. Childhood memories

3. Patriotism

4. Digital Bangladesh

5. Internet in Bangladesh

6. Rivers of Bangladesh

7. Flood in Bangladesh

8. Important of reading newspaper

9. The national beauty of Bangladesh

10. Empowerment of woman in Bangladesh

11. The wonder of modern science

HSC English 2nd Paper Question Patterns 2024

Question Patterns for  Grammar Part –A

1.    Article      0.5 x 10 = 5
2.    Preposition      0.5 x 10 = 5
3.    Phrase/ words      0.5 x 10 = 5
     4.   Complete the sentence with clause      0.5 x 10 = 5
     5.   Fill the gaps with correct form of the verbs      0.5 x 10 = 5
     6.   Change the sentences directed           5 x 1 = 5
     7.  Narration           5 x 1 = 5
     8.  Identify the Unclear pronoun. Re-write the sentence   where it’s necessary.           5 x 1 = 5
     9. Use the modifiers in the blank line.      0.5 x 10 = 5
    10. Use appropriate sentence connector in the blank space      0.5 x 10 = 5
    11. synonym or antonym      0.5 x 10 = 5
    12. Use the punctuation marks      0.5 x 10 = 5

     Question Patterns for Composition Part –B

     13. Write an application     1 x 8 = 8
     14. Write a report.     1 x 8 = 8
     15. Write a paragraph about 150 words    1 x 10 =10
     16. Sort essay above 200 words    1 x 14 = 14

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