GPA Meaning

GPA Meaning is Grade Point Average. It means the point you have achieved in every course or standard. There are no international GPA standards. It varies from county to country and even varies between public and private universities of a nation. For example, in Bangladesh, the GPA calculation system is not equivalent in North South University (Private) and Dhaka University (Public). Actually, in universities, it is CGPA not GPA.

What is GPA, and What is the Benefits of It?

In today’s world, more or less, we all are familiar with the term GPA. But fewer people know what GPA meaning is. GPA shows the academic performance of one’s. It accumulated the overall performance of the courses or subjects in class or a program. Suppose, in a country where GPA- 4 means Excellent, a student with GPA- 4 will get better opportunities and advantages in the job sectors.

A student with a good GPA will also get more opportunities in the schools and universities. They also get opportunities to take high-level courses and admit into top schools and universities across the world.

GPA System in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, two types of GPA systems are available. One is GPA (Grade Point Average), and another is CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). There is a difference between the school grading system and the university grading system.

Schools generally follow the GPA system, and the universities follow the CGPA system. There are also differences in public and private universities’ grading systems. One more thing is that all Private Universities do not follow the same grading system.

Grading System in Schools and Colleges

Grading system in school and colleges in Bangladesh is comparatively easier to understand. If a student gets 80-100 marks, then he or she gets A plus. Then A grade is from 70-79. After that, 60-69 is for A minus grade. Then 50-59 is B grade. Below is the comparative chart for the GPA meaning.

80-100 A+ 5.0
70–79 A 4.0
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3.0
40–49 C 2.0
33–39 D 1.0
0–32 F 0.0

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NU Grading System

To know how the GPA system works, it is vital to know about the GPA meaning. By understanding the GPA meaning, you will also get to know about the benefits of this system. After reading this article, we hope that you all are now clear about the meaning of GPA.

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