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For the COVID-19 pandemic, all private and public universities are closed till now. For that, universities are now planning to take online classes to complete their seasons. University Grants Commission (UGC) has proposed an instruction to make a list of impecunious students who doesn’t have smartphones to attend online classes.

Because of this pandemic, online classes are ongoing but the physical classes are closed. This Sunday, the UGC dispatch a letter to the all 45 public universities vice-chancellors to do a list of financially impecunious students. In public universities, many students come from an impoverished family and they don’t have the ability to have a smartphone to join online class and examinations.

Free Smartphone for Online Class to Students

The main purpose of this program is to ensure the participations of all students in online classes and examinations. For that a letter has been dispatched to the Ministry of Education for allocate free mobile data with high-speed internet. They also propose for soft loan to ensure smartphone for every impecunious student. Therefore, an ideal list has to be provided within 25 August by UGC.

The UGC chairman DR. Kazi Shahidullah said that, if the corona virus pandemic period extended then the online classes will have to be taken and the online classes will have continued to take in future. So it’s necessary to make sure smartphone and internet data for every student.

On the other hand, internet is a huge resource of learning materials and now all the students can learn extra knowledge from this biggest network.

Though the internet connection is still poor in rural areas and this problem should resolve by the government as soon as possible for the hassle free online class of all students around in Bangladesh.

Not only academic classes, but also students are participating on private classes in online. Lot of 3rd party and professional networks are doing great job in online. Platforms like Youtube and 10minuteschool resources are increasing day by day. In the near future, online will be the best source of learning.

Providing smartphone to impecunious students are really appreciated. This process should be initiative and faster. Not only university students but also the government should take step to provide android phone to primary, high school and higher secondary class students as well.

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