FTP Server

An FTP is a software application that allows file transfers from one computer to another. It is called File Transfer Protocol Server. FTP is a means of transferring files to any internet-connected computer in the world. You must have heard of FTP server bd 2024.

All FTP Server BD

Are you looking for a list of all FTP server bd? FTP is the protocol for file transfers. In short, it is a number of specific policies for web-based files. If a server provides access to files in accordance with this policy, it is often referred to as the FTP server.

At present, FTP servers refer to a combination of different files that you can download from your Internet connection provider very quickly. Your ISP FTP server may be hosting a number of media that you can easily download and enjoy.

Sports Channel Live Servers


BDIX FTP Server Movie Download Link

Serial Title Link
1 ICC FTP Server
2 Sam FTP https://samftp.com
3 Link3 FTP Server http://www.cinehub24.com
4 VoodBD Media Server
5 Circle FTP http://circleftp.net/
6 Circle Network FTP 1 http://ftp2.circleftp.net/
7 Circle Network FTP 2 http://ftp3.circleftp.net/
8 Circle Network FTP 3
9 NaturalBD FTP Server 1 http://www.naturalbd.com
10 NaturalBD FTP Server 2 http://new.naturalbd.com
11 Dhaka Movie http://dhakamovie.com
12 B Net (Business Network)/FTPBD http://ftpbd.net
13 B Net (Business Network)/FTPBD 2
14 B Net (Business Network)/FTPBD 3 http://media.ftpbd.net
15 B Net (Business Network)/FTPBD 4 http://server1.ftpbd.net
16 B Net (Business Network)/FTPBD 5 http://server4.ftpbd.net
17 CTG FTP Servers http://ftpmovieserver.com
18 CTG FTP Server 1 http://ctgmovies.com
19 CTG FTP Server 2 http://crazyctg.com
20 CTG FTP Server 3 http://www.ctgflix.com
21 CTG FTP Server 4 http://media.ctgfun.com
22 CTG FTP Server 5 http://fs.evillagectg.com
23 CTG FTP Server 6 http://www.ctghall.com
24 CTG FTP Server 7 http://www.ctgstream.com
25 CTG FTP Server 8 https://www.ctghub.com
26 CTG FTP Server 9
27 KS Network FTP Server
28 KS Network Game Zone

BDIX  FTP Servers (Active)

  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. The Introvision
  10. Fun Time BD
  11. Quick Online FTP
  12. E-Box File Server
  13. IT Base BD
  14. Movie Server – English
  16. Movie Server – Bangla
  17. Dhaka Movie
  18. Seba IT
  19. Panda Club BD
  20. Jhal Muri
  21. Asian FTP
  22. Net@Home BD
  23. Dhaka – FTP
  24. .Net Movie Server
  25. VdoMela FTP 
  26. Media FTP
  27. GenVideos
  28. Dnet Drive FTP
  29. Inspire FTP
  30. Bongo BD FTP
  31. SAM FTP
  32. Mango Gamers
  33. CrazyCTG
  34. MyBDPlex
  35. Net Matrix BD
  36. Quick Online
  37. City Cloud
  38. Kiss Anime
  39. Movie Box BD
  40. BD Lan
  41. DFN DB
  42. Spark Net BD

Torrent FTP Server List

  1. Crazyhd
  2. Torrentbd
  3. PSArips
Title Link
SBNetwork FTP Server http://sbnetworkbd.com
POWERNet FTP Server https://www.powernetbd.com
EASYIT FTP Server https://easyitbd.com
SPARKLINK FTP Server https://sparklinkbd.com
FUTURENet FTP Server http://www.fnetctg.com/index.php/bdix-list
FLASHNet FTP Server http://flashnetbd.com
SPARKNet FTP Server https://sparknetbd.com
FOCUSOnline FTP Server http://www.focusonlinectg.com
FNFOnline FTP Server http://www.fnfonlinebd.com
IP TV FTP SERVER LINK http://livetvfptserver.com
[blank] [blank]
WINNERIT FTP Server http://www.winneritbd.com
SSONLINE FTP Server https://ssonlinebd.com
ALIFANet FTP Server https://alifanet.com
ServerBD247 FTP Server http://serverbd247.com
GLOBAL Communication FTP Server http://globalcommunicationbd.com
MSM Online FTP Server https://msmonlinebd.com
DHAKA DOWNLOAD FTP Server http://www.dhakadownload.com
DHAKA IP TV FTP Server http://dhakaiptv.com
[blank] [blank]
BTEK Internet FTP Server https://btekbd.com
NetCOM Internet FTP Server https://netcomisp.net
FLASHNet FTP Server http://www.flashnetbd.com
MovieHub FTP Server
IM Online FTP Server http://imonlineisp.net
ARAF Net FTP Server http://www.arafnetbd.com
UNIVISION FTP Server http://www.univisionbd.net
SkyBIZ FTP Server https://www.skybizbd.net
APPLENet Broadband FTP Server https://www.applenetbd.com
SUPERNet FTP Server https://supernetbd.com
SUPERNet FTP Server 2 http://supernetsenbag.com
MOVIEServer FTP Server http://www.movieserver.net
SKY Net Online FTP Server https://skynetonlinebd.net
ROARZONE FTP Server http://www.roarzone.info
RAPID Network FTP Server https://rapidnetbd.com
MLWBD FTP Server https://mlwbd.pw
BONSAIHD FTP Server https://bonsaihd.live
BASNet FTP Server https://basnetbd.com
BASNet FTP MOVIE Server http://movie.basnetbd.com
GPISP FTP Server http://gpisp.net
MTBSL FTP Server http://mtbsl.com
EXPLORE Online FTP Server http://exploreonlinebd.net
EXPLORE Online FTP Server 2

BDIX FTP TV Server Link 2024

  1. SAM Online Live
  2. Gtv Live
  3. Jago TV
  4. BDIX Media TV
  5. T Sports BD
  6. Amar BD
  7. Watch Live Cricket

YouTube Live TV Server List

  1. NTV Bangladesh
  2. Somoy TV
  3. RTV
  4. GTV Live
  5. Jamuna TV
  6. Independent Television
  7. DBC News
  8. 24 News – Malayalam
  9. Asianet News
  10. AajTak
  11. Al Jazeera English
  12. Manorama News
  13. Channels Television
  14. CNN News 18
  15. Euronews English
  16. ABP Majha
  17. India Today

BDIX FTP Server List

BDIX is Bangladesh’s first IXP. IXP stands for Internet Exchange Point. It was established to provide its members with physical interconnections to local Internet traffic exchange and transportation.

You can find a full list of all BDIX FTP server by following this link here. Here you will find BDIX Server List for all ISPs in Bangladesh. The site you are going to go to, click on the link and you will go to the site. You can easily find your ISP by entering the server name with Ctrl + F.

Title Link
AMBERIT FTP Server https://sites.google.com/view/amberitservers
RL CAFE NET FTP Server https://rlcafenet.com
NETINFO FTP Server https://www.netinfobd.com
OSTHIR NET FTP Server http://osthir.net
A1CYBERLINK FTP Server http://www.a1cyberlinkbd.com
MARIUM Network FTP Server http://www.mariumnetwork.com
ENJOY Network FTP Server
MEDIALINK24.NET FTP Server http://medialink24.net
TIMENAI FTP Server http://timenai.com
BM Network FTP Server https://www.bmnetworkbd.tk
SMARTNET FTP Server http://www.smartnetltd.com
ARISHA NET FTP Server http://arishabd.net
ACHIEVER BROADBAND Internet FTP Server https://abibd.com
LIZA Online FTP Server https://www.lizaonlinebd.com
STAR Internet FTP Server
RS Internet FTP Server https://rsnetbd.com
CUECLUB TECHNOLOGY FTP Server https://cueclub.com.bd
WORLD COMMUNICATION Internet FTP Server https://www.worldbd.net
4G Network FTP Server https://www.4gnetworkbd.com
SPEEDO NET FTP Server https://speedo.net.bd
ICOMMUNICATION FTP Server https://iboxbd.club
FNF Online CTG FTP Server
DGN Internet FTP Server http://diginetbd.net
AVABD Network FTP Server http://avabdnet.com
MUX TECHNOLOGY FTP Server http://ctgoz.com
MILLENNIUM (MCN) Internet FTP Server
GHATAIL Online FTP Server http://ghatailonline.net
SNS NET FTP Server https://snsbd.net
BONDHUIT NET FTP Server https://bondhuitbd.com
BRISK SYSTEMS Internet FTP Server http://smiledotnet.xyz
GALAXY Network FTP Server https://www.gnetworkbd.com
RDC Online FTP Server http://www.rdconlinebd.net
PRESS LINK COMMUNICATION FTP Server https://presslinkbd.net
WEBRANGERS NET FTP Server https://webrangers.net
TALTOLA NET FTP Server https://taltola.net
CRAZYNET FTP Server https://crazynetbd.com
ECTLINK FTP Server http://download.ectlink.com
IFRA Network FTP Server https://ifra.Network
TODAY VISION FTP Server http://todayvisionbd.com
SMIRITY CABLE FTP Server https://www.smiritycable.com
SARDER COMMUNICATIONS FTP Server https://sardernet.com
SMART Online FTP Server http://smartonlinebd.com
AVABD Network FTP Server http://www.avabdnet.com
SAWDESHBD FTP Server https://sawdeshbd.net
BMIT FTP Server http://bmitbd.com
FRIENDS Online FTP Server http://www.friendsonlinebd.com
BHUIYAN TELECOM FTP Server http://www.bhuiyan-online.com/media
RAHUL ENTERPRISE FTP Server http://rahulenterprise.net
FASTNET FTP Server https://fastnetbd.org
FASTNET Online FTP Server
DIGINET Internet FTP Server http://diginetbd.net
MIRPUR NET FTP Server http://mirpurnetbd.com
POTATO Internet FTP Server https://the-potato.net
UNIQUEOnline FTP Server http://www.uniqueonlinebd.com
JMIS Internet FTP Server http://www.jannatmirinternetservice.com
BD7HUB Internet FTP Server https://www.bd7hub.net
GNET Internet FTP Server https://www.gnetinternet.com
SPEEDPLUS Internet FTP Server https://ftp1.bdix.com.bd

BDIX Hosting

Bangladesh Internet Exchange is the full form of BDIX. Approximately 3500+ Bangladeshi internet service providers are interconnected in order to decrease local data traffic international routing.

BDIX Hosting is a web hosting service for websites, email, and other digital products. BDIX has been performing in Bangladesh since it was established in 2004. With the demand for data storage, BDIX emerged as a leader in the field. Nowadays, they are one of the most trusted data center companies in Bangladesh with many satisfied customers.

HostingSav is a quality web hosting service provider in the World. HostingSav.Com provides the best quality BDIX Hosting to its clients, which includes a high-performance network, world-class security, and availability, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

FAQs about FTP Servers

What is a BDIX FTP Server?

A BDIX FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server is a type of server located in Bangladesh that allows users to upload and download files over the internet using the FTP protocol. BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Exchange, which is a local internet exchange point in Bangladesh.

How does a BDIX FTP Server work?

BDIX FTP Servers work similarly to regular FTP servers. Users can connect to these servers using FTP client software, enter their credentials (username and password), and then browse, upload, or download files stored on the server.

What are the advantages of using BDIX FTP Servers?

BDIX FTP Servers are advantageous for users in Bangladesh because they offer faster download and upload speeds compared to international servers. This is because BDIX servers are hosted locally and connected to the BDIX network, which provides high-speed data transfer.

Are BDIX FTP Servers free to use?

Some BDIX FTP Servers may be free to use, while others may require a subscription or payment for access. It depends on the specific server and its policies.

How can I access BDIX FTP Servers?

To access BDIX FTP Servers, you’ll need an FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP. You’ll also need the server’s address (usually provided by the server administrator), a username, and a password. Enter these details into your FTP client to connect to the server.

Are there any legal considerations when using BDIX FTP Servers?

Users should ensure they have the necessary permissions to access and download files from BDIX FTP Servers. Downloading copyrighted material without authorization may violate copyright laws.

Are BDIX FTP Servers secure?

The security of BDIX FTP Servers depends on how they are configured and maintained. It’s essential for server administrators to implement security measures like encryption (SSL/TLS) and access controls to protect user data.

How can I find a list of BDIX FTP Servers?

You can find lists of BDIX FTP Servers on internet forums, websites, or by asking your local internet service provider (ISP) for recommendations. Keep in mind that server availability and access may change over time.

Can I host my own BDIX FTP Server?

Yes, you can set up your own BDIX FTP Server if you have the necessary hardware, software, and internet connection. However, you may need to comply with local regulations and obtain the required permissions.

What are the common file types available on BDIX FTP Servers?

BDIX FTP Servers typically host a wide range of file types, including movies, TV shows, software, games, documents, and more. The availability of specific files may vary depending on the server and its users.

Final Words

We tried to include the best FTP Server BD in this article. We hope you found our list helpful. You can now download media from these servers easily. Visit us again to find out more helpful information!

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