English Version School in Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur

Choosing the right school for a kid is one of the most vital decisions you need to make as a parent. Admitting your kid to the best English version school in Dhanmondi or Mohammadpur will ensure a bright future for him.

But how do you choose a good school as there are hundreds of schools in that area? Luckily, we have picked the best English version school in Mohammadpur and in the Dhanmondi area to help you make your decision.

Let’s check them out below where we have a list of the 5 best English version schools sorted with important details to help you decide easily.

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5 Best English Version School in Dhanmondi 

For anyone who lives in Dhanmondi, there are some fantastic English version schools in the area. Below, we have listed the top 5 options that you can go for without any hesitation.

1. European Standard School

The European Standard School (ESS) is our top recommendation in Dhanmondi as the best English version school. That’s because they have the best teachers who can teach your kid with great expertise. And this school focuses on the physical activities of its students rather than only focusing on studies. That’s why it’s at the top of our list.

2. Maple Leaf International School

The Maple Leaf International School has been providing excellence in its teaching since 1972. This international school is an easy recommendation for anyone as it has the best education system and management. It’s monitored by the British council directly, which goes to show you their excellence in work.

3. Excel Academy

Next, we have the Excel Academy on our list, which is another fantastic choice. This school has the best learning environment for your kid where he can enjoy his time while learning. It’s easily one of the top English version schools in Dhanmondi, and you can admit your kid there without any hesitation.

4. Salvation International School & College

The Salvation International School & College is a perfect place for your kid to grow as a person. The teachers of this school are truly outstanding, and they’ll help your kid develop the best habits and personality. It’s just a no-brainer pick that you can’t go wrong with.

5. Green Gems International School

Finally, the Green Gems International School is our last recommended English version school in Dhanmondi. It has rich learning equipment to provide a fantastic learning experience for your kid. Also, it follows the overseas syllabus of the University of London, which guarantees the best education for your kid.

5 Best English Version School in Mohammadpur

If you live in Mohammadpur, you can find many great English version schools there. Let’s have a look at the top 5 schools that you can choose from easily.

1. RS International School

First, we have the RS International School, which is the most popular and unarguably the best English version school in Mohammadpur. It has some of the best instructors that ensure top-quality education for your kid. And the learning environment of this school is truly magnificent, making it an easy recommendation for anyone who lives in Mohammadpur.

2. Bhardwaj International School

The Bhardwaj International School doesn’t only put its focus on academic studies but also equally focuses on the extra curriculum activities. So, your kid can grow his artistic expression and unique skills in this school, which is undoubtedly a necessity for kids to grow to their best potential.

3. Averroes International School

Next,  the Averroes International School is on our list, which is a fantastic choice for any kid. This institution provides a top-class education. There is no compromise in the quality of their education and your kid will get the best treatment there. The management and the system are truly exceptional, and you won’t have to worry about your kids’ grades anymore.

4. London Grace International School

The London Grace International School is another phenomenal option for your kid. It helps your kid to grow as a person by providing unique education. That’s by allowing the kids to be more expressive and giving them room to showcase their creativity. So, if you are a parent who wants your kid to grow into his best self, then this is the best school for your kid without any question.

5. S. F. X. Greenherald International Schools

Finally, we have the S. F. X. Greenherald International Schools on our list of best English version schools in Mohammadpur. You can rely on this school to provide the best education to your kid as it’s monitored by the Catholic Religious Sisters. This school focuses on not only academics but also every other aspect of education. So, you can rest assured that your kid will get the best education possible from this English version school.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now have plenty of excellent English version schools to pick from if you live in Dhanmondi or Mohammadpur. Pick the one that resonates with you the most and it’ll ensure the best

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