English Medium School in Dhaka

Bangladesh’s capital and most developed city is Dhaka. There are many English-medium schools. We’ve chosen the top 10 English Version School in Dhaka for this article. assist you in locating the ideal educational setting for you.

Top 10 English Version School In Dhaka

Don’t wait until the end if you’re seeking an article like this. After carefully reading, you’ll have a good idea of where to continue your studies. In the comment area, you can let us know your opinions. We’ve ranked them based on a variety of criteria, such as recent outcomes, educational environment and quality, and an increasing number of facilities.

1. Maple Leaf International School

One of Dhaka’s top English-language schools is Maple Leaf International School. It started operating in 1972. The institution adheres to the British curriculum. It has currently established a solid reputation for producing good results.

The school encourages participation in athletics, the arts, intellectual advancement, and community service. Numerous programs offered by the institution in a variety of subjects are well known around the nation.

It has a lab, a faculty for multimedia, and a large library. The library is a fantastic resource for knowledge because it includes roughly 10,000 books. The institution has received numerous accolades for its reputation ever since it opened.

2. Agakhan School

Compared to other private English-medium schools in Dhaka, Aga Khan School is superior. It was started back in 1988. It is situated in Uttara, Dhaka. It collaborates with the Pakistan-based Aga Khan University. You’ll be amazed to learn that what was once a little campus in Siddheshwari, Dhaka, has grown significantly.

The institution’s administration is led by Dr. Del Terror. Shah Sultan Mohammad founded the current educational system. He is in charge of more than 200 schools. In 1999, there were only 25 kids and 7 teachers, and the junior and primary sections weren’t even opened until 2000. In addition to these, Uttara hosted the senior division in 1990.

3. Wills Little Flower School and College

Here is another prominent English-medium school in Dhaka. In 1956, Wills Little Flower School and College was founded. Josephine Wills, a philanthropist, created the school.

85 Bir Uttam Shamsul Alam Road, Kakrail Area, Dhaka, 1000 Bangladesh is where you may find it. “Alo Aro Alo” is the educational institution’s motto.

Principal of Abul Hossain School and College. From Nursery through XII, there are currently more than 15000 students enrolled there, up from 30 when it first opened. It is a school with Bengali and English as second languages. The institution is ranked third in Dhaka among all English-medium schools.

4. Mastermind English Medium School

Another excellent school in Dhaka is Mastermind English Medium School. The curriculum at the school is British. It includes students in preschool to the twelfth grade. It is a private school with an English medium. It was started back in 1997. In the Dhanmondi neighborhood of Dhaka.

Syed Fakhruddin Ahmad School’s director. About 3200 pupils and 300 professors are present. There are several advantages to this. The reputation of the university is broad. In 2011, the institution received the title of “The Most Versatile School.” The extracurricular activities it gives are very beneficial to the students.

5. South Breeze School

In Dhaka, a well-known English-medium school is called South Bridge Disco. which Principal Zeenat Chowdhury founded in 1986. Initially the school campus was located at Dhanmondi and presently it has migrated to Uttara. There is a team name as Wolves. At one level, the school provides playgroups.

It is a private Edexcel school. In 1990, the school took up the Daily Star prize for excellent results. In addition to this, the school has received other awards for its strong performance.

6. American International School Dhaka

Private English-medium American International School is located in Dhaka. It started operating in 1972. It is in the Dhaka neighborhood of Baridhara. Decimus Azores Agenda is the school’s motto.

Prekindergarten through grade 12 are taught at the institution. Dhaka American Society School was known previously. The American International School Dhaka was closed during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, and a new one was opened in its place.

500 pupils are present. The New England Association is the honorable member of the school. People are ready to enroll their kids in school as a result.

7. Sunbeams School Dhaka

Sunbeams School is an English medium school founded by Principal Nilufar Manzoor. It was established on 15 January 1974. The school has two campuses. One of them is located in Dhanmondi. It operates from PlayGroup to Class IV.

Another campus is located in Uttara and it conducts classes from class V to class XII. It has a canteen, a laboratory and an auditorium. There are two branches for the convenience of students. The school mascot is the rising sun with seven rays.

8. International School Dhaka

Private, English-medium instruction is offered at International School Dhaka. which began operations in 1999. The principal of the Doctor Knowledge School in Dhaka is Bashundhara.

A coeducational school theater group for students in grades 12 and up. The school’s mission statement is that we are creating a community of lifelong learners who are committed to a sustainable future.

There are no residences on the school campus. In 2007, the school rose to become one of Bengal’s top schools thanks to Bangladesh’s top debate councilor.

9. International Hope School Bangladesh

A private, English-medium school called International Hope School is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s in Dhaka’s Uttara neighborhood. International Turkish Hope School was the institution’s previous name.

Kazim Eldes started it in 1996. The school’s principal is Roksana Zarin. A Turkish president was a big proponent of starting the institution. Soleiman Demirel was the man. In 1997, he gave the Turkish School its formal opening. There are roughly 2000 students, and 17% of them are international.

10. European Standard School

An English-medium school called Europe School is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The school uses the British educational system. About 3000 pupils attend this school. It started as a private English-medium school in 2001.

It has five structures. “Work not words” is the school’s motto. There are five original members of the school. They are Morshedul Islam, Nurul Islam, Abdullah, and Randev Dasgupta. Together, they founded the school and held the position of principal. For deserving pupils, there are numerous faculties.

Final Thoughts

So you have learned about the top 10 English Version School in Dhaka. But apart from these there are other schools that you can choose from. But these ten are undoubtedly the best. A review of their past records will prove my point. Anyway, good luck with your children.

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