degree 2nd year challenge result

It is the high time for Degree 2nd Year Result Challenge 2024. Your result can deviate from your desire for many reasons. That’s why NU authority has the system to challenge the result. If you challenge the result, authority will re-scrutinize your exam papers. But the problem is most people don’t know about the rules of challenging the result. And they have to accept the poor result.

If you become a little brave, come forward and challenge your result if you are confident enough. It can bring a great change to your results. We will show you how to do the Degree 2nd Year result challenge. Let’s get started.

Degree 2nd Year Result Challenge

The result of Degree 2nd year has been published earlier. A common scene after the result is the dissatisfaction in the students about results. You might have worked hard for the exam but if the results are not up to the mark because of any fault or ignorance of the examiners, it is natural to have anger. But now you can challenge the degree 2nd-year result by applying if you want. But you should have a hundred percent confidence otherwise it will cause a loss of 500 Tk. Here is the step by step system for Degree 2nd year result challenge.

NU Degree 2nd Year Result 2021

How to Check Degree 2nd Year Board Challenge Result?

After your exam papers are re-scrutinized, the result will be published again. The way of checking the result is the same as checking the regular results of the second year. Go to the NU website, write down your roll and registration no in the result section and click submit. You will get the result immediately. If your results are changed, that will count as the final result.

NU Degree Board Challange Result 2024

Degree 2nd Year Result Challenge Highlights

Take a look at some important points regarding the degree 2nd-year result challenge. It will be much easier for you to challenge if you know these things.

  • Application Starts: 5 December 2021
  • Application Deadline: 4 January 2021
  • Application Fee: 500 Tk.
  • You have to apply online.
  • You have to submit an application fee to the relevant college.

Degree 2nd Year Result Re-scrutiny Process

Many people don’t know how to challenge the result even after having a poor result and they have to cope with it. Today we have come with the rules to challenge the result. If you want to apply for re-scrutiny of the result, visit this link-

  • Select ‘degree (pass course) second-year re-scrutinizing fee’ from the Semester/Year/Part drop-down menu in the window.
  • Write down your registration number of degree second year.
  • Click on the search button. You will be shown on the payslip. Download the payslip and print it.
  • Go to Sonali Bank and pay 500 Tk. as a challenge fee through SonaliSeba.
  • If everything is correct, you are done with the application process. NU authority will then re-scrutinize your exam papers.

Degree 2nd Year Exam Routine 2024

We believe many of you will get your results changed after degree 2nd-year result challenge. Hope you will get a satisfactory result after the challenge.

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