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English Medium School in Chittagong

Best English Medium School in Chittagong

Are you looking for the best English medium school in Chittagong? If so, then look no further! The top school prides itself on providing...
Top 10 School in Dhaka

Top 10 School in Dhaka City 2024 [Updated]

The top 10 school in Dhaka is selected by the past final exam results and the overall student’s performance. The internal and external environment...
HSC Marks Distribution

HSC Marks Distribution 2024 (New) Question Pattern

HSC students always prepare for the examination tight because it is the stair of their future. Every year HSC marks were as similar as...
HS Code Bangladesh

HS Code BD | Bangladesh Customs Tariff 2023-24 PDF

Like all other countries, Bangladesh also has to trade and take part in import and export to sustain the supply and demand of goods...
Open Rocket Account

How to Open Rocket Account by App Free

Rocket is one of the most popular mobile banking services of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd and you might want to know how to open...
King Midas Completing Story

King Midas Completing Story for Class 7, 9, SSC, HSC

The story of King Midas is a popular myth that has captivated audiences for centuries. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of...
HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion and Question Patterns 2024

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion and Question Patterns: Yep!  Today we will talk about the most frightening subject of whole Bangladesh which is HSC...
Robert Bruce Completing Story

Robert Bruce Completing Story for SSC, HSC (Failure is the pillar of Success)

Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland, is known for his tenacity and resilience in fighting for his country's freedom. However, his path to success...
National University Grading System

National University Grading System [Calculate GPA / CGPA 2024]

Hello, chaps! If you are studying at the National University, then knowing the National University grading system 2024 is crucial to determine your results...
Bangla Web Tools

Bangla Web Tools – Bangla Converter (Unicode To Bijoy)

Bangla web tool is an important web application that is very helpful especially for programmers. This project has been taken to eradicate the barricade...
Top 10 College in Chittagong

Top 10 College in Chittagong : Why they are best in 2024

Choosing the right college is an important decision for students in Bangladesh. There are many colleges to choose from, but not all are equal...
NID Online Copy

NID Online Copy 2024 Bangladesh ভোটার আইডি কার্ড অনলাইন কপি

If you are one of those who have not got their National Identity Card yet, then there is good news for you. On Monday,...