Are you looking for AFMC Question Bank 2024? I think you are on right Place. The Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) is a premier medical institute in Bangladesh that offers undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and research.

Every year, AFMC conducts a competitive entrance exam for admission to its MBBS program. Aspiring candidates often look for study materials and question banks to prepare for the exam. However, it’s essential to note that sharing or using such materials is not ethical and can lead to severe consequences. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the AFMC entrance exam and provide some tips and resources that can help you achieve your academic goals.

Armed Forces Medical College Question Paper

The AFMC admission exam assesses candidates’ knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, and English language. To prepare for the exam, you can refer to standard textbooks and study materials for the above-mentioned subjects. It’s also recommended to practice sample questions and previous years’ papers to get an idea about the exam pattern and difficulty level.

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In addition to academic knowledge, the AFMC admission process also evaluates candidates’ leadership qualities, physical fitness, and psychological suitability. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain an overall well-rounded profile and actively participate in extracurricular activities and community service.

AFMC Question Bank 2024

There are many students who do not know the AFMC has taken the exam in English. As a result, they like to get the question paper in Bangla Language. For the purpose of the students we have translated the question in Bangla and shared it here.

Our special team have worked for it for a long time and after 20 Days we have completed the full question solution. Lets check the AFMC Question paper in Bangla with Solution.

AFMC Question Bank pdf Download

AFMC Question Bank Retina pdf Download

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I hope this information helps you in your preparation for the AFMC admission exam. Best of luck! Ultimately, by putting in sincere effort and utilizing the resources available, you can excel in the AFMC entrance exam and achieve your dreams of pursuing a career in medicine while upholding the values of academic integrity

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