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Are you looking for the answer to questions from lesson 2 for class 6? For assignment 2, you are asked to reflect on your own experiences and feelings and answer some questions based on them. After schools were shut down due to the pandemic, schools started issuing assignments to students so they could be graded on their work.

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This is one of those assignments that you will be graded on. If you are having trouble thinking of a particular situation or if you are not confident about your vocabulary then don’t worry. You can still get good marks on this assignment using the answers we have provided for you. You should already have the questions you need to answer by now. You will find the answers to the questions below.

Think of a situation when you did something brilliant and somebody congratulated you. Maybe you played or sang well or cooked something for your family or had success somewhere. Now write about that experience. In your writing, mention the following things.

  • What happened?
  • When it happened?
  • Who congratulated you?
  • How he/she congratulated (e.g. what language was used)?
  • How did you feel it?


Think of an unhappy situation when you were upset but somebody helped you overcome your bad time. In your writing, mention the following things.

  • What was the occurrence?
  • How did you feel?
  • Who consoled you?
  • What language he/she used?
  • How did he/she help you to overcome that situation?

Answers to the Questions

A memory I remember fondly is the time I played very well in a football match. I had practiced for the match for weeks so that we could win. On the day of the match, I scored many goals and my team could win because of it. It happened last year at our school. It was a hot summer day. I and my team had practiced very hard for this match as it was the final match of the season.

Because of my performance, along with my teammates, we could win against our opponents. After the match, my teammates and my coach congratulated me for scoring so many goals. My coach said, “Well done, you did really well.” And patted me on the back. It made me feel very proud. I felt as if my hard work had finally paid off. I cherish this memory greatly and I will always remember it with fondness.


Last year I was upset after a football match because our team could not win against the rival team. It was the final match of the season. We had all worked very hard for the match and practiced so we could win. But our opponents were stronger and we lost, even though we had tried our best. I felt very upset. After the match, our coach noticed how upset we were. He consoled us and tried to lift our spirits. He told us, “Don’t worry.”

And proceeded to tell us how well we had played on the field. By telling us how well we had done, even though we had not won the match, he helped us feel better about ourselves. After the words of consolation from him, I felt better. I felt confident again and I hoped to win the next game. This is how our coach helped us overcome the situation.


These are the two answers to the questions from your assignment. Feel free to make changes to the answers if you need to, or use them only as a template and write about your own experiences. If you avoid spelling mistakes and pay special attention to your grammar, you will surely get good marks. Best of luck!

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